Mad Sea

So, when I saw this book flow through my Facebook feed, I contacted the author, K Webster, and called dibs on reviewing her mermaid book, Mad Sea. Unfortunately, I haven’t been sent any mermaid-themed works before, so I needed to go search out this gem by myself.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Fantasy Romance Novella

When a book opens with a quote from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid, you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun time. So, Madden “Mad” Finn is the bad boy; a gun smuggling, swearing, motorcycle club leader who likes to take off on Sunday for a much needed break from his drug and weapon importing business. And how does a badass hardbody relax after a long week of illegal doings? With some goddamn bubblegum flavored frozen yogurt because fuck you, he does what he wants.


Did you just laugh? I know I did. This guy is so into the register girl at the yogurt shop that he goes in once a week for some frozen delights. And not even the sexual kind since the girl, Hali, doesn’t even know his name until a meddling old lady pushes the two to really introduce themselves. It looks like Mad has a shot with the beautiful girl he craves, but he has a secret… well, besides the guns and cocaine, that he thinks is too much for any girl to handle. But Hali has some secrets of her own, and an overprotective roommate that comes off more “creepy obsessive psycho” than “good friend who just wants the best for you”.


I liked this book, I did! The dual POV gives you a taste of of what Hali and Mad are both thinking and Webster gave them both distinctive voices that don’t get lost in the flow of this novella. The only downside? It isn’t longer.



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