The Wrong Prince

As I have dreamed of being a princess since I was a young girl, I never imagine there could be a Wrong Prince. However, CK Brooke proved that wrong in her lively novel, The Wrong Prince.


Heat: ♥♥♥

Genre: Fantasy

Overall Rating 5/6 Glass Slippers

Lucie and the youngest prince, Geo as he likes to be called, have had a relationship of sort for some time now. They were intimate in every sense of the word but right as Geo is about to proclaim his true feelings for her, Lucie crushes his soul. Her father has chosen a husband for her and she is to be married. She convinces him that she and her future husband have also been intimate and that their affair was nothing more than fun. Of course this is not true. Lucie is madly in love with Geo and honestly doesn’t know who she is marrying.

Geo shows up to his brother Dmitri’s engagement announcement party brooding even more than normal. He can’t get Lucie’s betrayal out of his head no matter how hard he tries. Then his brother’s bride is announced and it’s Lucie…

However, he doesn’t have a whole lot of time to panic about this because Dmitri is kidnapped by the army of another king. This king had grown insane after his wife passed on and had already tried to declare war on Geo and Dmitri’s kingdom. But in the last battle, Geo managed to cut down the king’s heir so they assumed it would be some time before they struck again.

Desperate to save his brother, Geo convinces his parents to let him go on a rescue mission to save him. Desperate to save Geo, Lucie goes with him. Will they get to Dmitri in time? Will Geo find out the truth about Lucie’s feelings for him? Will it even matter since she is marrying Dmitri? Or will Dmitri have other plans for a bride that surprise everyone?


I love the premise of this book and I loved the way the adventure was laid out. I did have a bit of an issue placing the genre. It seemed a little young for just fantasy and a little mature for ya. The voice seemed to be in a fight with it’s own identity. However, this didn’t really bother me as I like to read both of them.

Geo is such a great character. Your heart aches for him and his love for Lucie. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Brooke set up their love affair in a world where the very thought of love is so ignored. Geo didn’t fall in love with Lucie overnight at a ball but rather he pined for her. This is something missing in a lot of books from this period in my opinion.

This is a fun novel but there is mention of more intimate scenes that make some ya readers uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say it was too much but I’m just putting it out there.

Looking for a fairy tale adventure with a harlot assassin, action, castle, and star crossed lovers, then I’d recommend this book!


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