Fugitive- What’s On Your Bucket List

Today I am reviewing Fugitive by Jackie Wang. Her name may sound familiar because we also reviewed her book Landlady. It was book 1 in the Northbridge Nights series. Fugitive is book 2 and follows Rachelle right before her quarter of a million dollar wedding.

What did you do during your bachelorette party? I bet you went to a bar, had a few drinks, maybe some dancing. I went to a karaoke bar and thoroughly embarassed myself by trying to sing Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Let me tell you, that song has a LOT of words in it.


A little sneak into my night

Well, in the book Fugitive, you will never believe what happens during Rachelle’s party.


Heat: ♥ ♥ ♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 4.5/6 Glass Slippers

First, let me tell you a little about Rachelle and then we will go into the details of her last night of freedom. She is a Chinese American with a job as a paralegal for Asher (the main character from book 1). Her fiance, Robert, is also a Chinese American and he is a dentist with a very successful practice. His family is rich and owns an even more successful business in Hong Kong. Both Rachelle and Robert value respect, appearances, and the opinions of their family. Sounds perfect right?

Well Rachelle’s friends disagree. They think she needs to get out and live a little before she is a married woman. They bring her out to a club and then practically force her to dance with a gorgeous stranger. As Rachelle is dancing, she begins to realize that this stranger is having a very scary effect on her…or maybe I should say an effect on her core.

She tries to run from him, embarrassed by her response to this man while she is engaged to Robert. However, her friends have ditched her. As it turns out, her friends hired the brother of a friend to show Rachelle a good time. Not that type of a good time, but they want her to let loose and cross some crazy things off of her bucket list. Rachelle reluctantly agrees to give this fun a chance and goes along with the stranger, Kieran. They do go a little crazy and Rachelle experiences all types of new things; possibly even something like skinny dipping.

Kieran returns Rachelle home but the two of them can’t help but think of their special night together. It is especially hard for Rachelle to focus on getting married when Kieran shows up right before she walks down the aisle and insists that she help him. Why would anyone leave their own wedding? Well, let’s just say Kieran has a secret that allows him to be extremely persuasive.

Will Kieran’s secret ruin Rachelle’s chance at a happily ever after with Robert?

I have said it before, I am such a sucker for a book with a wedding in it. They just get me all giddy inside. I have to say that I liked Rachelle’s character because I feel like a lot of people can relate to her. She wants to work hard and spend time at home with her man of six years. Sometimes I feel like we get comfortable and that we confuse that with happy. This is the struggle that Rachelle faces and I think she does it with grace.

Kieran…I don’t know how to begin to talk about him. The truth is that he is such a flawed yet perfect character at the same time. Wang throws a thrilling twist to completely change my opinion of him and I loved it. It will be hard for the reader to not fall in love with him.

I did notice a couple of continuity issues and Rachelle did one or two things that I disagreed with but overall I liked this book. Anyone who enjoyed Landlady or enjoys reading romances that offer a second chance, then this is definitely for you.


We’d love for you to comment below with something on your bucket list! High on mine is to meet Julia Roberts. Okay, another one is to see Lin Manuel Miranda live.



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