Tangled Up In You Vincent

A few weeks ago we did a post about a book with the same name but they are two different books and two different series! Tangled Up In You is the first book in the Fleur De Lis series by A. L. Vincent.


Heat: ♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Emily had the perfect life and big dreams. She wanted to open her own restaurant and share her cajun food with the world. There was just one problem, her husband Eddie. He was passed over for a promotion and couldn’t handle it so he turned to the bottle. Eventually he lost his job and began drinking away their dreams.

But Emily has had enough! She leaves him and heads back home. Her grandparents old home is in desperate need of repair, there is a memorial for one of her childhood friends, and the remaining gang are are getting ready to open a bar in his honor. That’s where she is supposed to be anyway. Then why can’t she get Eddie’s voice out of her head? Does she even deserve to get a happily ever after? Aren’t you supposed to stick it out and make your marriage work?

Then there is Noah. He and Emily have a bit of a history. If she hadn’t gone off to college and he hadn’t enlisted, who knows what could have happened between them. But Noah did enlist, and now he suffers from PTSD and panic attacks. How can he take care of a broken woman when he is broken himself?

Though the sparks fly between them, Emily isn’t sure she can handle another man she has to fix. There is so much she wants to change about herself, isn’t it better if she spends so time alone?


I thought that Emily’s story was heartbreaking but real. I know that there are a lot of women who feel trapped but they have to work through all the drama to keep the marriage together. The way she felt and dealt with all of her feelings was great. She didn’t jump at Noah when she first saw him because she was still loyal to her husband. She wanted to spend time to figure out exactly what she wanted. Props to you girlfriend! It must have been brutal to keep your hands off that built military man with eyes only for you.

Noah seemed a little incomplete for me. I wanted to know a bit more about his military experience or why he was so effected by what he saw. I thought that some backstory for him was a little lacking. However, I still loved him. I’d love for him to come remodel my house! He was understanding and he didn’t push Emily to try and be someone she wasn’t or to do anything she wasn’t ready for. He was like perfect!

This book is light on the sex scenes. They don’t really happen and the curtain closes over the scene before anything too detailed happens. It’s perfect for people who want to read about romantic gestures, feelings and loads of emotions.

Noah’s sister, Carly, will have two books coming out. She wrote one and her story will be out soon and we will have the review!



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