Closet Space Needed

I have always enjoyed contemporary romances but over the years I have discovered a love for suspense. When the two are married together, I am in Nirvana.


Heat Level: 

Overall Rating: 4/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Romantic Suspense

We Will Always Have the Closet by Natalina Reis, instantly caught my attention. The name is intriguing and brought me to the summary. Why are they in the closet? Are they coming out of the closet? What’s going on in the closet? Why isn’t there a sexy private investigator in my closet?

As with a lot of contemporary romances these days, it is told in dual points of view. First we meet Petra, a thirty-five year old divorcee who is still trying to get over her two timing ex Jonas. She loves art and really takes time to notice the beauty in the world around her. But she is a spitfire who can hold her own as long as you don’t try to put her on a boat.

Sam is a thirty-one year old private investigator who is instantly taken with Petra. He is working hard to put Jonas behind bars for art fraud but is desperate to keep Petra out of danger.

Their meet cue is adorable and ironically, I did not see it coming. Petra sneaks into Jonas’ apartment to get something back from him. But while searching his things, someone enters the apartment so she rushes to the nearest door, a closet. While trying to keep quiet, she takes a step back and rubs up against the solid Sam.

Soon the two become inseparable as Petra tries to prove that Jonas is innocent and Sam tries to lock him up.

What I liked about this book was that Petra was not a female sitting around and waiting for things to happen. She went out and tried to help Sam’s investigation. True, she did get herself in a lot of trouble but it was worth it in the end. Petra is a fighter and that’s one of the things that terrifies and intrigues Sam.

Reis also has beautiful descriptions. I didn’t spend a lot of time making up what the scenery looked like or wondering about the setting. There was lots of flow but I don’t think it was over done. One thing I wasn’t too fond of is that I think it took too long to get into character descriptions. By the time they were described, I had a whole other image in my head. But when she did get to it, the image was perfectly clear.

Now, Sam is one of the funniest male leads I’ve seen. He breaks a lot of the romance stereotypes, well except having an amazing apartment and rock solid muscles. But I am not willing to give those up so easily. What makes him great is his sense of humor. His one liners were fantastic and it truly made him likable. You could not help but route for him. There were, however, times I felt he over shadowed Petra a little bit. But she would come back swinging in the next chapter.

There were one or two times that I got confused with the dual points of view but it was pretty easy to follow.

My favorite thing about this book was the twist. The criminal mastermind came out of left field. Now, I won’t ruin it for you but I will say that this one was an ending worth getting to. Reis tricks you into thinking she wrote a predictable romantic suspense and then blindsides you.

The Heat! There was not a lot of heat in this novel. The one sex scene focused a lot on feelings and less on actions. It is a mild sex scene and perfect for a beginning romance reader or someone who isn’t ready to go balls to the walls.

This was a pleasurable read and I look forward to more of Reis’ projects.


2 thoughts on “Closet Space Needed

  1. lisboeta1 says:

    Thank you, danke, obrigado, merci, gracias, and I would go on and on in different languages to thank you for the wonderful review. You, just like the “mastermind” in my book came out of left field and I love it!


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