Time Travel Love

For this Saturday’s Outlander post, I’m going to focus on some books that feature love across time. Much like our favorite sassenach, other book characters have jumped through worm holes, took a wrong turn in a haunted mansion, or picked up a cursed jewel that sent them falling through the ages and into the arms of a new, or old, love.

The Rose Garden


In The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley Eva returns to her childhood home at the Trelowarth manor in Cornwall to scatter the ashes of her sister. But, while she’s there, she discovers she can travel between the present day and the 1700’s, where she meets the then-master of Trelowarth; Mr. Butler. Much like Claire Fraser, she is torn between the time she was born in, and the time in which Mr. Butler resides.

The Changeling Bride


The Changeling Bride by Lisa Cach is a fun one. Modern woman Elle is given a coupon for “One Free Husband; Redeem at Will” by a mysterious woman. Laughing it off, she tells the sky she’s ready for her man, and is promptly transported to 1790, taking the place of Eleanor, who was set to be married to a man named Henry. Elle goes with it for a while, despite the lack of pizza and birth control pills, but soon finds that she’s trapped in time with a man who is less “Jamie Fraser” than she would have liked.

Love Beyond Time


In Love Beyond Time by Bethany Claire, Brielle is just a regular Texas kindergarten teacher when she throws caution to the wind and accompanies her archeologist mom on a dig in Scotland. Brielle pokes around the castle ruins and is thrown back in time, waking to find herself married to the laird of the castle. She tried finding a way back to her own time, but finds it increasingly difficult to bring herself to leave as she falls in love with her husband. This book is part of a series so, if you’re a fan of book one, there’s plenty more to keep the magic going.

Love me Forever


Love me Forever, by Jina Baccar, is about a woman named Liberty takes her high school students to a Civil War reenactment and is thrown back in time to the Battle of Antietam in 1862. What’s even more surprising, is that she’s the doppelganger of a woman named Pauletta, a secret Confederate spy, who convinces Liberty to help her after saving her from a Union Prison. But there’s a man in the middle, Flint, who is engaged to Pauletta. will Liberty fall for Pauletta’s man? Find her way back home? Or try to stay?

Healer of Carthage


In Healer of Carthage by Lynne Gentry, Dr Lisbeth joins her father on an archeological dig and promptly falls down a hole, waking up to find that she’s being sold at a slave auction in ancient Rome. Thascius is a Christian, in a time where that isn’t a safe thing to be, buys Lisbeth to save her from a life of slavery. Much like Claire, Lisbeth uses her medical knowledge to heal people when an epidemic occurs, but still wonders where she truly belongs. It’s the first in a three part series,so there’s plenty of Roman time traveling love to go around.

Son of the Morning


In Son of the Morning by Linda Howard, Claire is a scholar studying ancient Celtic manuscripts when she learns a secret legend of the Knights of the Templar. But, there’s someone else that wants the secret, which will give the holder unlimited power. In order to save the future, Claire must go back in time to find Black Naill, a Scottish knight and sworn protector of the Templar. Will they save the world? Can they find their way back to their own times?

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