Outlander Jewels

Caution: all Outlander posts may contain some spoilers for people who haven’t read the books. So, if you’re strictly a show fan, or haven’t had the chance to read far into the series, this post might contain minor spoilers. Be warned!

As the book readers might remember, gemstones can allow you to safely travel through the standing stones, and the other portals around the world. But, since it’s not real, none of us are about to take grandma’s ruby necklace and travel to 18th century Scotland (sorry, Nana, your jewelry would be gone as hell). Still, who doesn’t love a little bling bling in their lives? Here’s some of the more relevant, and a few fun, jewelry pieces I found where you can show your Sassenach pride! BTW, some of the pieces vaguely reference things that happen in the books that TV watchers might not be aware of, so if the slightest spoiler is upsetting, look no further!

Claire’s Wedding Ring (Book)


Claire’s book ring from Jamie is much different than the simple one given to her on the show. In Outlander, the ring is described as having a, “wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style, a small and delicate Jacobean thistle bloom carved in the center of each link.” The Author’s Attic has several pieces inspired by different classic authors, this ring being one of them.

Claire’s Wedding Ring (Show)


This little number is a dead ringer for the ring we saw on the show, made from one of the keys to Lallybroch. As beautiful as the book ring is, I feel like this one really captures the Highland side of Claire; rugged and beautiful. Get it here from Etsy.

Claire’s Crystal Necklace


Ya’ll remember how Master Raymond gave Claire the necklace that detects poison? DBaker Jewelry carries a version that’s pretty darn similar to the one that saved Claire’s life. Did I mention it also comes in black? You can have both and wear the dark one for when you want to look particularly “La Dame Blanche”.

Brian Fraser’s Ruby Ring


On Jamie and Claire’s wedding day, Jamie used his father’s ring as a placeholder during their vows. Finding a ring that matched the cabochon ruby ring for less than a pretty penny is harder than you would think! But here’s one I imagine is pretty similar to the gem that Claire used to travel.

Ellen’s Pearl Necklace


Jamie’s mama Ellen was one hot lady that many a man pined over. For her own wedding to Jamie’s dad, MacRannoch gave it to her as a gift. Jamie passed it on to Claire, and now you can have your own for fancy dinner parties and Highland weddings.

Brianna’s Bangle


For a more subtle approach to your obsession, here’s where you can get Brianna’s bracelet, which was given to her by Roger and says “I love you a little…a lot…passionately…not at all” in French.

Fergus’s St. Dismas Medallion


As the saint of repentant thieves, the St. Dismas medallion is the perfect piece for our favorite pickpocket. Do you know someone with light fingers and an adorable mop of curly hair? Pick them up one here!

 Teeny Books


 I love jewelry, books, Outlander, and miniature things as much as the next person, so this necklace is the perfect way to wear our mutual obsessions loud and proud! Get a stack of these wee faery books here!

Darling Vows


There’s something about Jamie’s wedding vows that tickle my fancy. Just reading them is enough to give you chills and this necklace displays some of the most poignant of pledges.

 “Dinna Fash Sassenach”


Aren’t those some words you want a hot Scot whispering in your ear while you cuddle before the fire in your Scottish estate? Here’s a reminder that you can keep with you, always, to be as cool, calm, and collected as our favorite English lady.

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