Playing At Love Rogue 2

Not too long ago, we did a post about the book Tangled Up In You by Lara Ward Cosio. This is the review for book number 2, Playing At Love. It picks up where book 1 stopped. If you didn’t read book 1, then that’s okay because all the books are set up to be standalones. 

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Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 4.5/6 Glass Slippers

Conor and Gavin are desperately trying to find a way to still play together after the disastrous affair. Gavin, like he always does, puts his hurt and pain into his music and Conor feels it is his penance to play the ballads explaining just how much he hurt his best friend. But life isn’t back to normal.

Sophie, after having just enough of Gavin’s attitude, has decided that she would rather be on her own. She is back to modeling and even buys herself a house in New York. To the outsider looking in, she has completely moved on from Gavin. Well, at least that’s what she wants the tabloids to think.

Gavin, now clean and in better control (sort of) of his emotions, has decided it is time to win Sophie back. After all, what is success and fame when you have no one to share it with? However, Sophie does not go running back into his arms. I was so glad to see that she makes him work for her heart. She isn’t ready to jump back into the crazy emotional roller coaster that comes with being with Gavin. In fact, she isn’t sure if she will ever be ready.

Now poor Conor, is back with his ex Colette, no Ward has still not gotten rid of her, and they are engaged. Conor feels he has to try to make things work with Colette to prove to Gavin that his feelings for Sophie are no longer real or any problem. There is just one problem, Felicity.

Felicity was one of the gang back when everyone was in high school (nice bread crumbs Ward). I really love it when a series pulls things from other books. I always think it’s genius. She and Conor used to be pretty hot and heavy back when hot and heavy meant awkwardly pawing at each other on someone’s couch in the basement and trying desperately to convince yourself that you really did enjoy those five minutes of sex. But Felicity wasn’t dumb. She new the band was going to make it one day and never wanted anything more than a physical relationship with Conor for fear he’d break her hear.

Well don’t worry boo. Someone already broke her heart. Her husband divorced her for a terrible reason. I won’t tell you the reason but he is one of the biggest jerks in book history! Now she is back home and Conor can’t seem to stay away from her. But that is just familiarity right? He couldn’t possibly have feelings for her? No, he was only ever in love with Sophie right?


Will these love triangles be broken or turned into a neat circle between two people? Will they chose easy over happy? Will they confuse convenience over passion?

This, like the first, was a great book. I enjoyed it from page one and I can’t wait for book 3 following Shay. However, the one thing that drove me a little crazy was the constant flashbacks. I had just read the book so I knew exactly what had just happened and I found the flashbacks to just be annoying. However, if you took a break between the books (like normal people do) then I don’t think you would find them as frustrating.

I have loved Conor since book 1 and it was fantastic learning more about him. He is truly my book boyfriend for right now and I’d fight anyone who tried to claim him!

Ward, in her fashion, does draw a veil over her sex scenes and they aren’t really there so it is perfect for someone looking for a less raunchy kind of romance.

Stay tuned for updates on book 3!



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