Tangled Up In You

There are lots of rumors about what happens behind the scenes in a boy band. Well Lara Ward Cosio is here to dispel and confirm a lot of them. Tangled Up In You follows the band Rogue, through their rise and fall and the relationships that accompany them.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Rock Romance

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Sophie needed a break from her everyday boring life so she decides to spend a year in Ireland when she is 16. What she didn’t expect was to find the man who could possibly be the love of her life. Gavin is charming, gorgeous, troubled, and sexy as hell. He almost instantly wins Sophie over but there is just one problem. At the end of the school year, she goes back to the States.

Years later, Gavin and Sophie are reintroduced due to a series of random events. The only problem is, Gavin is still heartbroken that Sophie actually left him. He struggles to decide if he is willing to push that aside to be with her.


This is a very short summary because there is so much I don’t want to give away about this book. It follows Gavin and Sophie through their lives until they are in their thirties. It jumps around a lot and there is definitely no normal linear structure for the way this book is written. At first I was a little confused about what time period we were in but I soon enough figured the pattern out and everything was fine.

Gavin is a charismatic lead singer and lives up to the stereotype but there is so much more about him. I felt I really got to know him and understand how he ticks but not just from his POV but from Sophie’s and his bandmate Colin’s. Cosio does a lot of explaining behavior through the other characters’ eyes and I really like that. They all really seemed to know each other which only added to their bond and my adoration of the book.

This book has long paragraphs that at first seemed a little daunting. However, you need to read the whole thing. Don’t just skip to the dialogue or to the next shortest paragraph. These long winded sections tend to reveal the most intense and meaningful feelings and you would be heartbroken to miss them.

One of my favorite things about this book is that it seems real. The relationships are real and so are their problems. Yes, they are a little dramatized because it is about a rock band, but at the core of things, I know plenty of couples dealing with the same problems everyday. Their responses are real and I never thought that Cosio was doing something just to move the plot along. Everything happened so organically that I sometimes forgot it was a fiction book.

As for the sex scenes, what would a rock band be without sex, drugs, and rock n roll? Well Cosio doesn’t go into a lot of detail. She puts them in bed and then pulls the curtain closed. I did feel like I was wanting a little bit more but that could just be the style I like. However, this is a great book for people who don’t want the nitty gritty thrown in their face, this book is perfect for you. There are enough drama and twists to make up for the lack of dirty talk in my opinion. Several things throw you off and make you want to scream at the characters. When was the last time you cared so much about a character you wanted to yell at them?

This is book 1 in the Rogue series and I have already finished book 2 (I couldn’t wait once I was done with 1). That review will be up soon but until then, just enjoy the ride.



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