A Dream Come True

Here’s a genre that I haven’t read in a while; a rock star contemporary romance. I, for one, love a solid romance with lovable characters and a sweet story, and that’s what you get with A Dream Come True by Lisa Hahn.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Alexa is one relatable lady who is really living the dream. She has a crush on a hot super star and gets the date of a lifetime. Like, hello Jake Gyllenhaal? Sam Heughan? Neither of them is about to come knocking on the front door of my house, so Alexa looks like one lucky girl when rock star Liam asks her out when they meet after a show. Cue total fan-girl moment when she gushes to coworker Jules about her date. See? That’s real life.

As you get to know Alexa, you like her even more. You even like Liam, who seems more down to earth than you would expect. The man just wants to eat at a diner without random women asking him to sign their boobs. I guess it gets a little boring after the five thousandth time. Anywho, the pair hit it off, but things can go sour when one person is constantly in the spotlight with groupies all over them.


This was a fun read, you guys; really a true contemporary romance with some sultry scenes, comedic relief, and a super relatable girl who could be any of us. Pick up a copy and take it with you to the pool, it’s an entertaining way to pass a few hours.



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