Interview with Sophia Valentine

Sophia Valentine is an author with an amazing series out called the Black Door Trilogy. We have reviewed His Confession and book two, Her Confession will be coming out soon. She took some time out of her busy day filled with English Breakfasts and Lifestyle Blogging to answer some questions for us.

Questions for Sophia Valentine

What made you want to write? A love of reading and telling stories. I was writing in primary school, and winning awards for creative writing. Throughout my teens, I’d continued writing stories, but just for friends to read, as I didn’t know how publishing worked. I studied English lit in college, and it wasn’t until my late twenties when I made myself complete a full 300 page manuscript and send it off.

You must have understanding friends! It is hard to get them to read stories.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters? How so? Some of my characters yes. I see my sometimes shy, worrying side in my female characters, and I see my strong, independent side in my male characters. I’m outgoing with people I know, but meeting people for the first time, I find nerve-wracking. Oh, one thing that’s similar is fashion. I love clothes, makeup, accessories, and most of my characters do too.

I love how you said that you see parts of yourself in the male characters. I have never heard anyone respond that way.

Do you do anything else besides write? I write a fashion and events column for a local newspaper, which I have been doing for three years. I also maintain a book and beauty blog, and offer marketing services for authors.

Ladies, Sophia can get you all excited with words and then dress you up to go on a date with the living love of your life!

What book or author inspires you and why? Jackie Collins is a huge inspiration. I’m saddened I didn’t get to meet her, although I do have a signed bookplate. I think she was gutsy, and outgoing, and wrote for herself, not caring what others thought. She loved what she did and it shows in her books. As for books being an inspiration, there are a few too many for me to name.

Haha! Yeah, Jackie Collins definitely has shaped the way I write as well. Picking just one or two is a challenge.

What popular literary character do you think you have the most in common with? Interesting question! I’m going to go with Carrie Bradshaw from Candace Bushnell’s novels, Sex And The City. Purely because I’m a writer, (books and newspaper fashion columnist,) I love fashion, like Carrie loves her shoes. And like all women, who doesn’t want the big, romantic ending?

I like what you did with the “big” romantic ending.

Which popular character do you think would be your best friend or who would you like to be your best friend? Again, I’d love to be friends with the Sex And The City fictional characters. Imagine going for cocktails with them?! Or the Gossip Girl clan from Cecily Von Ziegesar novels. I would definitely have my eye on Chuck Bass!

I’m sorry but Chuck Bass is already taken…by me.


What are you working on? I’m working on a chick-lit / women’s fiction novel at the moment, and trust me girls, you NEED this book!

I can’t wait to hear what it’s about!

What is the weirdest thing on your desk or in your writing space? I don’t really have anything weird, it’s all books, and stationary. Hmm, maybe the pliers, I use them when I make my swag lol!

Pliers is an amazing answer. Now that you mention it though, it actually makes perfect sense.

Other than you work, which book on your bookshelf would you recommend to your readers? Jackie Collins without a doubt, Danielle Steele, Lauren Weisberger, Candace Bushnell, Don Winslow, Kimberley Chambers, Karin Slaughter…

I am a huge Karin Slaughter fan! Totally agree!

What is a piece of advice you’d like to give to young writers? Never give up, no matter how hard or faraway it may seem.

If it was easy then everyone would do it. You’re absolutely right.

Is there any special quirk or fun fact that you would like to share with your fans? I have a fair few ‘blonde’ / ditzy moments, which forever makes my friends laugh. Daily almost. Like today, I lost the keys to the apartment, and we were about to break the locks, and get them all changed, when I remembered I may have threw them in the bin. Luckily, the rubbish hadn’t been checked that day. So there they were, in a bag in the bin!

You got so lucky! My master set of keys has been missing for about three weeks.

Do you do any kind of research for your books or do you wing it? I research A LOT. I would never wing a book. I need to be sure of all of the facts first. Although it’s fiction, I like it to be realistic fiction. With The Black Door Trilogy, I had to research on adult clubs, read experiences, advice info on how it could affect your relationship etc. With the chick-lit book, again, I had to dig deep into relationship columns, self-help books etc. With another novel of mine, which involves dangerous men, again, I had to really research that lifestyle.

Does that mean you get to write off trips to Chippendale’s as research…


Finally, your books take place in a strip club, what do you think your stripper name would be? Ooh fun question. I just Googled what my stripper name would be and it’d be Bobbi. LOL!

I may call you that from now on Bobbi.

Thanks Sophia!

Stay tuned for updates on Sophia’s upcoming books. I heard a rumor that we will be reviewing Her Confession…



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