Here’s a paranormal historical fiction novel that I was pleased as punch to receive. Aurélie-Survivalby Christine Duts, focuses on a young French girl named Aurélie who tells us of her journey to the world of immortality. This book was reminiscent of a new-age Anne Rice, but not in a copy-cat way. The flowing writing style was peppered with flowery phrases that didn’t feel forced, making it a beautiful read.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

Our story begins with a look through a vampire’s eyes, Aurélie’s eyes, as she tells us of her beginnings as a human, right before the French Revolution begins. Soon she is in the throng of revelers celebrating the death of more aristocrats when she meets the mysterious Lucan, a handsome, and otherworldly man. When that same man saves her from a human death, Aurélie is thrust into the world of vampires.

Lucan shows her the way of their world. Surprisingly, she takes it in stride, almost in a dream-like way, as she ponders her unexplainable love for the vampire who saved her. But there are more players in this game, such as the beautiful, but sly, vampire Giada who knew Lucan, and his late wife. Soon, Aurélie and Lucan’s stay in Paris comes to an end and they leave the blood-stained streets behind.


As Aurélie becomes more comfortable with her immortal life, her relationship with Lucan becomes complicated. She longs for true love, something she fears because of her need for human blood. But she finds new allies and a face from the past may add some light to her life of darkness, or bring her to her doom.

As you readers know, I’ve reviewed a lot of vampire-themed novels lately, and I firmly believe that this piece would be very much at home beside my Anne Rice books. Aurélie-Survival would be a wonderful addition to the library or anyone who loves history, drama, the supernatural, romance, or some general fiction. Also, it’s the first in a series, so there’s plenty of vampire goodness to go around.



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