Love On The Sound

I just finished Love On The Sound by Jamie Matthews and I have to say that it completely blew me away.

Love on the Sound: Lopez Island Series #1 by [Matthews, Jamie]

Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Ever wondered what Tom Cruise did after he jumped on Oprah’s couch and made a fool of himself? Well Ben Morrison, a sexy but floundering actor, has a very similar incident when he shows up for an interview still drunk from last night. But rehab isn’t for him. He doesn’t need to work on his drinking problem because it’s his life that is the real issue. Ben is constantly surrounded by people who want him, want something from him, or want to be him. However, he can’t seem to find the people who like Ben and not the movie star. Well, he had a few of those people in his life but he manged to distance himself from them.

What can an actor do in a situation like this? He can go to a tiny Bed and Breakfast in an even smaller town and try to find himself.

Amy came to Lopez Island after her husband died. She was alone, scared, and devastated but she had the Bed and Breakfast that she had inherited from her husband’s family. It seemed like the perfect way to start over and Amy was desperate to get away from everything that reminded her of the man she lost. But she never expected a new one to walk in her door.

Ben insists that he is only staying for eight weeks and then he will return to the “glamorous” life he has forgone. But as he gets to know the locals, he can’t help but begin to fall in love with their charm and soon he is smitten. Okay, the sexy owner of the Bed and Breakfast is probably helping with his new attitude.

Ben and Amy, both desperate to put their past aside, soon begin a whirlwind sexcapade as they can’t keep their hands off of each other. But they have to keep reminding themselves… it’s only for eight weeks.

 It’s only been two months but is it love already or do they just like the feeling of a warm body next to them in bed? Will Ben leave his life and career to stay with Amy? Will Amy sell her Bed and Breakfast and start a new life with Ben? Will they separate as good friends? Or maybe there is another way to make this work.

While I think this was a great book, what I especially liked about it was the character development. Matthews is amazing with her complex and lovable characters. I really felt like I understood them and I loved them more. I’m grateful it’s a series because I’m not ready to say goodbye to ANYONE!

Also, Ben is a sex machine/god. I’d like to meet him and feel his hands on…I mean I love my husband! Matthews writes amazing sex scenes but they aren’t for newbies. Prepare your life but I think they were great!

Now Lopez Island! I’d like to go there, vacation there, make friends with the locals, sail on one of the ships, kayak…okay, let’s not get crazy! I don’t kayak. But the town was quaint and it had it’s own charm as if the town itself was a character. Plus, they have some pretty lively open mic nights!

I’d recommend this book to just about anyone because it was that good but I especially think that fans of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, will really appreciate this book.




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