Queen of Emeralds

As we’ve told you guys before, we both have our first books coming out in the spring of 2017. Sarah will be on to talk about her main character later today but, for now, I want to talk about my girl, Charlotte Holloway, the star of Queen of Emeralds.


Charlotte Holloway is an independent woman who don’t need no man…except she’s a woman in the 1800s so, yeah, she legally does need a man for basically everything. But, that doesn’t mean she wants one. Her dream is to forgo marriage and open a home for orphans, giving them a head start in the world.This is something that isn’t particularly pleasing to her father, who just wants her to settle down with a monied man who won’t squander the vast Holloway fortune.

What does Charlotte look like? Vaguely like the photo below, when in Scotland. She has auburn hair and hazel eyes which she, thankfully, got from her mother. Charlotte also despises corsets and pinning up her hair before leaving the house. Of course, she does what she must when attending balls in London, but is much happier when she’s allowed a little freedom.


Intelligent, and feisty, Charlotte loves riding horses, reading all the books her stepmother says are inappropriate, and partying it up Victorian-style with her best friend Penelope. She can often be found curled in the library or tucked away in the kitchen learning how to cook her favorite treats. Some might think she drinks too much, laughs too loud, and acts in a manner not befitting the daughter of a duke, but Charlotte doesn’t give a damn.

Although she has very unladylike-like pursuits, Charlotte is still a wealthy society woman who would be considered a fine catch for any man. Her father is banking on her status of an heiress to get her a fine husband, maybe even his closest friend, a man who might remind one of a certain potions master, Severus Snape. But the duke might be out of luck as most people bore her and she’s a big fan of a certain womanizing Scotsman named Conner MacLeod.

I’ll keep you updated on Queen of Emeralds, and the rest of the Scottish Stone Series, as time goes on. Until then, keep reading♥



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