Ashby Holler

I’m pretty familiar with the biker lifestyle, and a big fan of Sons of Anarchy, so I was into the idea of a tough girl gang member being something in a club other than a member’s “property”. Be aware though, it’s not a biker club Sasha’s in, but a trucking gang. So, here’s Ashby Holler by Jamie Zakian, the first in a series.


Heat Level:♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 4/6 glass slippers

Genre: Thrilling Crime

Sasha Ashby is a 19-year-old who works as a trucker for her family’s long haul business. But it’s not a normal job. There’s drama, turf wars, and plenty of violence in their trucking club which rivals any biker gang. In fact, I kept forgetting they weren’t bikers at all! Anyways, Sasha lives with violence, was raised by it, and sees it as a badge of honor in a cruel world she helps to spread. We see how bloodthirsty she is from chapter one when she first longs to bag the coveted Sergent at Arms spot, and it only gets more crazy from there when a war with a motorcycle club begins.

It’s certainly not your traditional romance. There’s little talk of feelings, the “romance” is bare, and the couplings are based very largely in sex. Sasha goes between “Trucker Slut” Candy and two men; her best friend Vinny and Vinny’s older brother Dez.

Vinny’s always held a soft spot for Sasha and basically follows her around like a lost puppy, always in the shadow of his older brother Dez. I was pretty much rooting for him to get the girl. Dez is fresh out of jail and looking at the Sergent at Arms spot. He and Sasha have a messy history where he participated in a huge beat down on her on orders of Sasha’s mom Ellen, since Ellen hates that Sasha has relations with women. So, I was a little more than surprised when Sasha was ready to jump his bones. Maybe it’s just me, but a guy breaking my jaw isn’t really a panty dropper.


Written in multiple points of view, Zakian has introduced me to a pretty new, and interesting, genre of trucker crime drama. The story is pretty involved, featuring human trafficking and drug running, and not something I suggest for someone who wants a happy ending, white knights, or outstanding morals. I don’t want to give too much of the craziness away but Sasha’s character growth is legit. Check it out if you want something different. But, be warned, you must read it with an extremely open mind.


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