The Braille Club Undone

Hey, everyone! Remember the past two Braille Club books? We’ve read, and reviewed, the first two in the series; The Braille Club and The Braille Club Unbound. Now, we have The Braille Club Undone, the third installment of the series by JA Kerr.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Romantic Erotica

As I was surprised before, with the last two books in the series, Kerr has managed to combine the world of erotica with an enthralling storyline. The multiple points of view can be a bit much, at times, but adds to the story. So, let’s just get into what just a few of the cast members have going on in the third Braille book. Everyone is pretty entwined this time around, so paying attention is a must!

Benedict and Siena are as sickeningly in love as always and happy with their little family. They’ve stepped back from the club a bit as they heal from the events of the past year. They’re on the back burner for most of the book which is fine by me, since the drama surrounding some of the other couples is more than enough to satisfy. But, by the end, they’re back in the spotlight for more reason than one.

Newcomers Simon and Tess are show hosts and sex addicts. On the outside they seem committed to their marriage, but both step outside of it, often. When Simon turns his wandering eye to Anna, Tess becomes worried for the first time in a while. But Simon’s not exactly a prize of a man.


Good old Guy is back again, feeling initially guilty about shirking his duties at the club for his affair with Anna, is now in a relationship with her. He knows some things about Simon which makes him bristle when he sees Anna and Simon together. Anna is still reeling over the end of her marriage to Robert when she finds herself as Simon and Tess’s legal representation. While she’s still devoted to Guy, Simon has a sexual aura around him that she finds hard to ignore.

Virinder is another new Braille Club member. He is being shoved into marrying Noor, a woman he’s only met once who gives him the creeps. But marrying her is better than dealing with his bully of a father. Noor comes from a less than wealthy family, but her beauty has landed her a pliable fiance; Virinder. She’s cunning and vicious when it comes to her goals. But she also has a dark, and sad, past that might have something to do with her current plans.

 Once again, Kerr builds up to dramatic crescendos full of twists and turns. What is Noor really after? What happens between Simon and Anna? And where’s Nick? You know, Siena’s crazy-ex husband who wants her dead? This book is so involved and winding, but a wild ride all the same. I’m sad to see the end of this book, but Kerr made sure to go out with a bang and an awesome set up for the final installment.



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