The Way To Her Heart

Here’s a new one for you; a twisted teen drama with a dash of romance and killer cooking skills. The Way To Her Heart by Amy Reece really gets down and dirty with what it’s like growing up in a troubled home and the complicated ways young relationships can pull at a couple. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, going in, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Suspenseful Teen Romance

Bernie lives a tough life. The only child of a drug addict mother with a long list of boyfriends, she often leans on her friend Gabby for support through the hard times. But, Gabby’s been hanging with an increasingly sketchy crowd and, when she goes missing, everyone seems to think that she’s just run away. However Bernie, who now lives in her car after one of her mom’s boyfriend’s gets too handsy, thinks there’s something more going on, and no one will listen to her.


Josh has been paired with Bernie for a class assignment. The pair will act as a married couple, something Josh doesn’t find unappealing. However, he did have something keeping him away from his fake wife, his real girlfriend, Kayleigh. He also has a lot of pain in his life; a series of tragic deaths have left him wounded and unable to relate easily to his peers, something he used to excel at as a rich, former, football player.

They are woven into each others lives through a series of events that force them together. Well, maybe ‘force’ is the wrong choice of words. They need each other for the events ahead. Gabby’s still missing, Bernie’s mom is still a mess, and high school is tough when you’re just trying to get by until graduation. Together they make an odd, but still strangely complimentary, pair. Both have secrets and darkness in their lives, and work hard to appear strong on the outside.

Reece was able to put real feeling into her characters and highlight the growing epidemic of missing, and homeless, children. It’s not very often you read a book to be entertained and come out of it with a lesson. There’s also a nice little addition in the end of the book. You see, Josh is a passionate cook and Reece has added a lovely little recipe section in the back that features all of Josh’s best dishes. Certainly a tasty read.



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