The Girl With Diamonds

This morning I have a review for The Girl With Diamonds by Savannah Blevins. It’s the second in the Midtown Brotherhood series, the first of which being The Girl With Hearts, which I reviewed before. Obviously, if you haven’t read The Girl With Hearts, you should, so we’re all on the same page.


Heat Level:♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Sports Romance

NHL player Austin Blakely wakes up tied to bed, the only memories he has are filled with a purple-haired woman and too many drinks. He worries the woman will sell her story to the news, causing more scandal than he needs, especially when he realizes his cellphone is missing. You do remember Austin, right? Leila’s older brother and Henrick’s best friend? Great, because he’s this book’s co-star.

Magnolia Cross is an intern for a Madison Square Garden sports network. She’s likable and fun, someone who pairs rhinestone stilettos with vintage jewelry and cares deeply about making it big in a world that is, usually, dominated by men. Her dream is to be on air, something made difficult by her lack of interest in hockey, but her boss thinks she has a real shot at television greatness.

Unfortunately, the attractive Austin wants to put her through her paces and embarrasses her in her first on air interview. While he thinks he’s flirting and initiating Magnolia into to the world of sports broadcasting, she feels humiliated and can’t stand the mere sight of the hockey pro. This feeling is magnified when the video of their interview becomes a viral sensation, putting her in close quarters with Austin, who the public thinks she’s now dating.


In fact, everyone thinks there’s a spark, including Leila who knows Austin better than anyone. The two have a shot at a potential romance, but there’s still the question of the purple-haired woman. Who is she? Why did she tie Austin to the bed? Does she have his phone? What will she do with it? And what of Austin and Magnolia? Is he really into her, or would she be another notch on his belt? Will she forgive him for embarrassing her on air? When will the secrets end? I know, a lot of questions, but this book has hella answers that satisfy them all.

Written in dual POV, The Girl With Diamonds is a great second installment with a lot of humor, and light heat. Austin and Magnolia have undeniable banter that Blevins really runs with and their relationship has a natural progression, instead of the instant love that can be irksome. Also, there’s this great bit involving nude paint modeling that’s positively hilarious. All in all, I recommend this book as a great read. And did I mention it’s FREE right now? Total win



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