Landlady By Jackie Wang

I have been in a new adult mood as of late so here is a new book that has come out today called Landlady by Jackie Wang. It is a new adult romance that follows Sierra and Asher.


Heat: ♥♥♥

Genre: New Adult

Overall Rating 5/6 Glass Slippers

Sierra’s grandmother has just passed away and she left Sierra her house. As Sierra is a broke college student, she jumps at the chance to move out of the dorms and live rent free. There is just one problem, somebody else already lives there!

Asher is a high powered attorney with no intention of settling down. As a result, he rented the main floor of a Victorian style house from a little old lady. He was just minding his business when a random woman walks in his front door. Now, everything he knew is about to be flipped upside down.

Because Sierra backed out of student housing, she has no where to go and can’t afford an apartment in the area. She has no choice but to move into the basement while Asher sleeps upstairs. They almost immediately feel attracted to the other but nothing really happens at first…that is until they go on a trip with a group of friends and Sierra is on the arm of somebody else. He sees red and is determined to make Sierra but what will he be giving up? All of a sudden the relaxed life Asher thought he had is at risk as his ex-fiance came back into town, his job is put on the line, and his best friend is the guy mooning over Sierra. Will he give it all up for her? Does he realize that he actually loves his ex fiance and reconnect with her? Does Sierra even want a relationship now? She is young but most importantly, her family farm is in danger of foreclosure. If she doesn’t leave town and go help out then her parents could be out on the street. Will she leave Asher for them or is it time for her to be a little selfish?

I really felt for Sierra in this book. I worked throughout my college career (actually met my husband when I was a hostess at a restaurant) and it is hard to keep up with classes, work, and a significant other. Plus, there are always family obligations pulling you down. She is stuck in the phase where she must decide to be her own woman and follow her dreams or help the family who has done everything for her. So many college kids face these types of challenges and I love that Wang addressed them.

Asher is the man with a heart of gold especially when he saved a stray dog after he accidentally hit it while driving in a rain storm. Yes ladies, he rushed the dog to the vet and then decided to adopt him when he found out that the dog was a stray. In case that wasn’t enough of a panty dropper for you, he really cares about everyone, including his clients. Wang created an amazing book boyfriend and I’d recommend that everyone take him with you to bed tonight (with your kindle or paperback obviously).


There was only one short sex scene in this book as it was difficult for our lovers to even attempt the deed. Something happens that actually prevents them from sealing the deal so they have to work extra hard (like what I did there) to please each other. These scenes are not rushed over and there are a couple of them throughout the book. I wish there had been a bit more heat, but I understand why there couldn’t have been.

This book is an easy read but one that will leave a smile on your face. If you check it out, comment below as to what your favorite part was.



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