Junior Fight Club

Our next review is not for the people looking for a quick and light read. This book touches on a lot of serious issues facing hundreds of thousands of people everyday.


Heat: ♥

Genre: YA

Overall Rating 4/6 Glass Slippers

Hopelessly Imperfect, by Gabriela Cabezut, follow 18 year old Cassie three months after her mother died of cancer. The two of them didn’t have the best relationship because Cassie never felt she lived up to her mother’s expectations. So the last conversation the two of them had was not a good one. Wracked with guilt, Cassie felt her only escape was to try and take her own life. Luckily, she didn’t succeed but the physical and emotional scars have yet to heal.

She returns to high school hoping to become a different person with a caring attitude and different friends. Cassie spent the two years her mother was sick pretending to be one of the popular mean girls. They were all so self absorbed that they didn’t ever realize Cassie was going through something. But somebody did notice.

Nathan Rivers is an all around bad boy. He dresses like a punk, smokes cigarettes, skips class, and of course, he participates in a fight club near the school. He claims to be looking for someone and working on his anger issues. Initially, you wouldn’t think the two have a lot in common but there is one person they share…their therapist.

Cassie views herself as broken and has a hard time recognizing her self worth. Nathan is convinced he can prove she is whole but he is still covering up his own issues. Will their problems become too much? Will it implode their possible relationship? Is Cassie even stable enough for a relationship? Is Nathan just too bad? (Okay, he wouldn’t be too bad for me but some people don’t like it.)

giphy (3).gif

I think that Cabezut did a beautiful job of painting these two characters. Everything they went through was raw and draining. I have known people in these horrible positions and a lot of what Cabezut said was advice they’d been given or maybe they needed to hear. This is an excellent book for anyone who may be going through something they aren’t quite ready to talk about yet.

One thing I didn’t like about the book is that the therapist took A LOT of liberties in what she said and told Cassie about Nathan. I felt it crossed the line of patient privilege and it really bothered me. I also felt that the characters sounded very young but maturity levels vary so that is up to debate.

There wasn’t a lot of heat in this book. It was two teenagers trying to find their way out of a lot of sadness and they didn’t use their bodies to do it. There was heavy kissing but nothing much more intense than that. While the romance was important in this book, it did take a back seat to some more serious issues.



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