Still sobbing in a corner over the ending of the Outlander series like I am? Longing for the next installment and can’t wait for two, or three, years until the next book comes out? Well, here’s a few awesome historical romances, and general fiction, to see you through this long winter.


Sansa misses Jamie, too 😦



Laiden’s Daughter by Suzan Tisdale

This book is the first in The Clan MacDougall Series and, boy, is it a good start. Aishlinn is born to a life of lies and abuse when her mother dies young. She is raised to believe she is worth nothing and she is sold to the highest bidder. She escapes to the highlands where she meets Duncan, a kilted warrior who grows to respect the spirited, yet wounded girl. Sounds safe but, still, there are secrets, revenge, and love, with a bit of Scottish historical realities peppered in, that make for a true winner.


The Cousin’s War Series by Philipa Gregory

Yes, I know it’s a series and not just a book I’m recommending, but that’s because I could hardly just recommend one. The series begins with Elizabeth Woodville’s marriage to King Edward IV and the subsequent generations that came from this union. Gregory is a master of creating perfection through the use of inventive prose and mixing legend with history. It is said that the women of the Woodville family have the blood of the mermaid Melusine running in their veins, allowing them to choose their own fates and, through their royal statuses, change history. In these books you get thrills, secrets, sex, and a bit of a history lesson all while being ridiculously entertained. It ends, right before the famous Henry VIII takes power, but I’m praying that Gregory doesn’t stop there.


Lost Highlander by Cassidy Cayman

This book is almost like Outlander in an alternate universe. Like instead of going back in time to a world where indoor plumbing wasn’t a thing, a hunky Highlander comes to you instead. It’s basically the American dream. Well, my dream at least, and I’m an American, so it counts. Anyways, Evelyn is called to Scotland by her best friend Piper who is in a bit of a stick wicket. And by ‘sticky wicket’ I mean Piper inherited a super old Scottish castle and a boat load of money from a dead relative. But there’s a catch, the catch being a time traveling warrior. Think Encino Man in a kilt. The book is more than a romance; it’s also a paranormal mystery that begs answers. Also, it’s part of a series.


Intimate Deception by Laura London

Lady Grace has 99 problems, all of them being that she was born a woman in Victorian England. Her father sells her into marriage with a gross creeper, but Grace sees a way to stop the wedding; some good, old fashioned, virginity loosing. So, she hooks up with a fancy brothel and fakes being a courtesan so she can ruin herself. Duke Vincent is a brothel-loving guy, being too afraid to remarry and have children due to his late wife’s death in childbirth. But, wouldn’t you know it, he knocks up Lady Grace. Their identities are still a mystery to one another, but they become crystal clear pretty fast. There’s some added drama and some dastardly plots added in to the mix to make this book a satisfying read.


His Majesty, the Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs

Look at this cover, the bosoms are practically heaving off the screen right now. Always a good sign for a romance. So, Lucas gets trashed and accidentally slips into bed with Sophia, a young maid who shrieks upon waking (wouldn’t you?) and the pair are forced to marry in order to cover up the scandal of it all. Lucas, believing Sophia has tricked him into her bed, goes off to war for 6 years, leaving his wife to live alone. When he finally does come back, Sophia has grown into a beautiful woman who wants none of the roguish military captain. Did I mention that Lucas’s estate has fallen into disarray due to his brother? Well, Sophia has the cash to save it; not that she’s interested. There are some well develop characters in here and a bit of a different twist to the usual Regency romance we’re all used to.


The MacKinnon’s Bride by Tanya Anne Crosby

Page is an English lady despised by her father and treated terribly. Iain MacKinnon is a Highland Laird who is widowed when his wife killers herself upon the birth of their son. His child, Malcom, becomes his focus in life and when Page’s father kidnaps Malcom, Iain snatches Page up for ransom. But her father doesn’t care what happens to the girl, something Iain keeps from Page to save her heart. Iain is easy to fall in love with, Malcom is sweet, and Page is strong, even though she doesn’t seem like it in the beginning. This book is funny, heart wrenching, and the first in a tidy series called Highland Brides.


Finding Fraser by KC Dyer

Personally, this book is calling my name, right now, and I’m literally dying to read it. It’s about a girl who loves Jamie Fraser, and Outlander, so much that she leaves everything behind to search for her own Scottish hero. I have to know, does she find her man? Does she find herself? Or does she fall through a time hole and end up in 18th century Scotland with kilted gentleman riding shirtless through the hills? Pick up a copy and read with me! I’ll be posting my review next week so we can talk about it.

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