A Night at the Movies

I love going to the movies or just relaxing at home in front of our projection screen. It’s nice to forget about all of your problems and stress for about two hours and fill yourself with drama. Over the years, I have found some lesser known movies that I feel the deep urge to share with the world. Here is a quick bio for each and where you can find it.

Sliding Doors- This movie stars Gwyneth Paltrow and came out in 1998. I watched this for the first time in a film class and I fell in love. The movie starts with Helen. She works for a PR company and was just fired so she heads home. On the way, her life splits into two different story lines. The first, if she makes the train, takes her back to her apartment where she discovers her boyfriend, Gerry is cheating on her. The second, if she misses the train, takes her to the hospital because someone tries to mug her and she hits her head. The rest of the movie shows you how different her life is because of one minor thing like missing a train. It is hysterical, real, and filled with romance. Plus, there are lots of accents. This movie is on Amazon Instant Video for $2.99. Sorry it isn’t free, but it’s totally worth it.


A Walk in the Clouds- This movie stars Keanu Reeves and is one of my all time favorites. It takes place in the 1940’s but was filmed in 1995. Paul returns from the war to his bride and she instantly sends him out the door to be a traveling chocolate salesman. They married fast before he went away to war and he isn’t sure if she is really the one. He plans to spend this trip figuring it out. On his way, he meets a crying woman. She shares with him that while she was getting her master’s degree, she had an affair with her professor and is now pregnant. Victoria is now returning how to her parents and their large winery, Las Nubes. For those of you who don’t speak spanish, that means the Clouds. Paul offers to pretend to be her husband so that her religious parents aren’t upset about the baby out of wedlock. In a few days, he will leave and she will tell her family that he abandoned her. Lying is clearly always the way to go and nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan. Again, this movie is also on Amazon Instant Video for $2.99.


Ps the movie isn’t in black and white

Bride and Prejudice- This is one of my favorite versions of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. A white man, William Darcy, goes with his Indian friend Balraj to India for the wedding of a mutual friend. While there, they meet the four (I know, Kitty isn’t included) daughters of the Bakshi family; Jaya, Lalita (not Lolita), Mya, and Lahki. This movie is filled with Bollywood dancing, singing, and color. Added bonus, Alexis Bledel makes a surprise appearance as Georgina, Darcy’s little sister. If you like Austen at all, then you have to watch this movie. It is on Amazon Instant Video for for $2.99.


That Awkward Moment- Okay, so it’s time for a movie that has come out a bit more recently. This movie stars Miles Teller, Zac Efron, and Michael B. Jordan. It takes a whole new view on the romance movie script because it follows three guys as they try to figure out what they want, who they want, and how far they are willing to go to get it. Jordan’s character is going through a divorce but he isn’t ready to let go of his wife yet. Teller is falling in love with one of his female friends. Efron is pining over a girl he met at a bar and assumed was a hooker. Fun fact, not a hooker. The only problem with all of this is that the guys swore to stay single since they haven’t had true guy time in a while. This movie is funny and a definite crowd pleaser. Plus…it is only 1.99 on Amazon Instant Video. I am moving in the right direction!


Anna And The King- Do you like historical pieces? Anna And The King is the King And I without the singing. I happen to love musicals so this was a bit of a disappointment for me but I got over it because Jodi Foster is just that good. Anna and her son move to Siam to teach the King’s children, wives, and concubines English. The King considers himself to be a forward thinker and recognizes that it will be important for the family to learn the language. Anna is trying desperately to recover from the lose of her husband Tom, and The King has never really been in love with anyone before. Don’t let all the wives and concubines fool you. This movie shows the ultimate forbidden love. It is a longer movie but it visually beautiful. The acting is amazing and if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you will get to see a young Draco Malfoy. But most importantly, it is FREE on Netflix.


What are some of your favorite romance movies?







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