Red Night

I’ve been reading my fair share of paranormal vampire stuff, so why not add another? Here’s Red Night by RK Close, the first book in the Vampire Files Trilogy. It’s humorous, mysterious, and worth the read. I wish I could give it a longer review, but there are so many elements, I’d hate to give them away!


Heat Level:♥

Overall Level: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Thriller

Samantha is a witty private investigator who loves a challenge. She’s funny, and all around an amusing character. But, she’s smart too and knows when she’s in over her head. A blue-eyed mystery man catches her off guard while on the job and he ends up really putting Sam to the test.

Who is “Blue Eyes”? Only Adam, a vampire who’s interested in Sam, but not as a meal. He finds her intriguing and can’t bring himself to detach from the fascinating mortal. Not like he has the option to, as he becomes the only one able to save her life.

This book is almost a grown-up version, better version, of Twilight where the main character isn’t a boring girl with the personality of a potato, but a vivacious low-level spy with charm and humor. And instead of a winy teenage virgin vampire with his panties in a twist, we get a calculated hottie with bright blue eyes that know what he wants and how to get it.


But it’s not all building up to romance. There’s a murderer on the loose. His victims are all young blondes that the killer tears apart in brutal ways. You know who else is a young blonde? Yeah, Samantha. Is she going to be a victim? Will she solve the case? And who’s the killer? The list of suspects gets longer as the book goes on. There are a lot of questions in this novel and Close sets you up early for a wild ride. Overall, it’s a good read and there’s plenty of mystery to ponder as you go through. Luckily, it’s part of a series so your adventure with Sam can continue.



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