Wildfire Hurricane

Wildfire Hurricane is the first book in the Ryder Boys series by Amelia James. Maybe it’s because I come from a firefighting family, but I went into this book pretty excited to see what James put together. Written in dual POV, it’s just spicy enough to satisfy, but not crass.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 4.5/Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Simone and Dash go way back. They met as young teens and parted on bad terms. But, wouldn’t you guess it, they’re forced back together when Simone is hired as Dash’s new boss by the Emergency Management Service. Dash works as a forest fire fighter and, even though he spends his days running into the flames, he wants nothing more than to run far away from his feelings.

I’m glad that Simone is a strong woman in this book. She’s been dealt a bad hand in life and has worked hard to be the leader in a male-dominated field. Dash is throwing all sorts of accusations her way and, maybe it’s just me, I was on her side from their first reintroduction. She doesn’t take shit and she doesn’t need saving, something I truly appreciate.


There’s a lot of arguing in this piece. Lots and lots and lot of bickering that mirrors true life, but was a tad tiresome at time, especially when Dash’s most recent “ex”, also a coworker, gets into the mix and starts drama unnecessarily. Since everyone involved is supposed to be a professional, there’s certainly a ton of unprofessional behavior right off the bat. But, if you ignore the cattiness and needless squabbling, the story of Dash and Simone is a classic one of regained love. I mean, they say those who fight hard, love hard, and there’s totally a ton of love hidden between the sassy side eye

A lie tore them apart but as the story progresses, you wonder if they have the capability to put aside their negative feelings to get to the truth. This couple compliments each other, completes each other, and it would be a shame if they couldn’t figure things out. The added stresses of a dangerous job, and the fact that the pair can’t be in the same room without a fight, adds to the mystery of their relationship.

Overall, it’s a good, easy, read with plenty of heat to complement the sunny weather at the beach.



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