Shades of Sydney

Every now and the there is a character in literature that breaks the mold. What’s that mold? She is your regular, sweet girl next door. Everyone loves her and she may break a few rules but generally she is a good girl. Well Sydney West is not one of those girls.


Heat ♥♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Shades of Sydney is the first book in the Sydney Wet series by Brittney Coon. It introduces us to a whole new type of heroine. Sydney had a rough upbringing and as a result she does’t believe in love or happily ever after. Love doesn’t exist and all men want is a good time. So she intends to give them exactly that. In fact, she fully intends to be a cat lady when casually hooking up with guys at clubs is no longer appealing.


Sydney and her best friend, Amelia, go to her family’s beach house for the summer of their lives. The girls plan to do nothing but drink, party, surf, and hook up with strangers. Too bad that plan is crushed when they meet two guys at the beach, Jason and Hunter. Amelia is instantly smitten with Hunter and it isn’t long before the two are in an exclusive relationship and Amelia is looking up wedding dresses.

But things are different with Sydney and Jason. She thinks he is gorgeous and after some bumps in the road, she sleeps with him. The only problem is that Jason doesn’t view her as a quick lay. He is interested in a relationship (nice role reversal) while Sydney can’t sneak out of his house fast enough.

Despite everything she has ever believed about love, Jason begins to get under her skin. Sydney is desperately trying to figure out if he is a fungus or maybe something more…Will he crack the ice queen’s heart? Will Sydney let him in or will she continue to push him too far?  Is the rock star coming into town going to be too big of a temptation for her? Will Sydney’s antics push him away?

It took me a moment to warm up to Sydney. She initially comes off hard and uncaring. But you soon realize that this is a shield. There was so much tragedy in her past that Sydney doesn’t know how else to get through the day. Before long, you find your heart breaking for her and rooting for Jason. Plus, girl walks around in at least 5 inch heels on a daily basis. That is not easy to do!

200_s (5)

Jason is basically the definition of a book boyfriend. He has rippling muscles that are either glistening with ocean water or bursting out of his shirt. But it’s more than that. He is patient with Sydney which is what she really needs. Sydney even acknowledges that he is the only boy who tried to see her again after sex. Imagine what that must feel like for her. No one else tried to be with her in any other form. It makes sense why she thinks the way she does.

Even though Sydney is a sexual person, the book is not overly graphic. It doesn’t actually cross the erotic line but they are still there. Coon weaves them in throughout the story in such a way that they aren’t rushed, ignored, or textbook. If you aren’t familiar with the club scene then there may be one or two surprises that you weren’t prepared for.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for number 2. It is already out and I hope to be reviewing it soon. Follow the blog to stay updated with Sydney West.



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