Secondhand Sinners

There must be a theme going on because yesterday I did a review of a book with a high school reunion. In Secondhand Sinners by Genevieve Lynne, Emily is also returning to her hometown and reconnecting with old friends. But she is there for a very different reason.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Years ago, Emily fled her small town in Oklahoma right after starting her senior year in high school. Not only was she pregnant, but her boyfriend, Danny, had just killed himself. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t keep the baby and gave her up for adoption. Years later, she was blessed with a new child, a son named Jack. But he is autistic and her husband left them because he couldn’t handle it. Emily is a single mom just trying to survive.

However, she just received a call from her mother. Her brother Levi beat up their father, Norman. He is in a coma and Levi is in Jail. Emily always felt a connection with her brother so she feels it is her responsibility to save him. Her father…well Emily’s relationship with her parents and grandmother was rocky to say the least. Luckily, her grandfather was always good to her. So Emily packs up her autistic son, Jack, and leaves Dallas.


Now that Emily is back, old feeling start to creep up as she runs into Miller. The man she cheated on her boyfriend with. The first man she made love too. The first man she truly loved. His wife left him but luckily he still has Abby. She is thirteen years old but is wise beyond her years. I liked Abby so much that I’d love for Lynne to fast forward a few years and give her a new adult romance. Though Miller would quite possibly pop out of the literary world and kill Lynne for even suggesting it.

Miller was best friends with Danny and he blamed Emily for everything. She had just told Danny that she was pregnant with Miller’s baby before he died. Ok, maybe he blamed himself for that a little too. But he wanted to make it right with her. Miller was willing to give everything up to make it work with Emily and the baby. Too bad Emily left before giving him a chance.

That’s where I am stopping with the summary. This barely gives you any detail but I refuse to ruin any of the crazy twists and turns that Lynne provides. I have to say that they threw me for such a loop. Initially, I thought this was your standard romance. Boy and girl reconnect and they forgive each other. Just add water and it grows. I have never been more wrong.

I couldn’t put the book down because I had to see what happened. OK, I’ll give you a hint. Someone is kidnapped in order to find a long held treasure. However, along the way, everyone finds out several long held family secrets. Legit, several. Lynne took this little town and turned it upside down.

This was not a heavy on the sex book. It was more about the feelings and emotions behind teenage lovers. Though, that isn’t to say Lynne doesn’t steam up the pages…


I would recommend this book to anyone with a pulse. It may start a little slow but that is just to pull you into a false sense of security.

One last thing I will comment on was Lynne’s use of a child with special needs. I have known several children with varying degrees of autism and I can honestly say that her portrayal of a young boy struggling to make it in the world was spot on. He becomes such a lovable character but not because of his disease but rather because Lynne pushes past it to show you just what kind of boy he really is. Plus his name is Jack and that’s my twin brother’s name.



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