Meet Conner, Your Future Book Boyfriend

Hi, everyone! So my book, Queen of Emeralds, will be coming out in the spring of 2017 and, since lately we’ve been posting about book boyfriends, and you met Sarah’s, I thought I’d introduce you to mine.

While mourning the ending of Diana Gabaldon’s latest Outlander book, I needed to fill the gaping hole left in my soul. And, since I already got me a (non-Scottish) man, going off to find myself in the Highlands was out of the question. So, Conner Mackenzie MacLeod was born; a handsome, Scottish, warrior. A #hotscot, if you will. Conner enjoys long walks around his castle, horseback riding shirtless through the hills, and heaving the bosoms of all Victorian London society.

What does he look like? Think Chris Hemsworth in a kilt.

He’s muscular, but not overly-so, with arms thick from years of wielding a broadsword. While he might not have the slicked back hair that’s fashionable with the Victorian fops, he sports a head of dark blonde locks that brush the tops of his shoulders, and piercing blue eyes that are full of mirth and intrigue. Between the kilt, the battle scars, the way he can dance, and the Gaelic nothings he’ll whisper in your ear, he’s a true winner.

And he isn’t only a hard-body with a heart of gold; he’s an intellectual. Conner prides himself on keeping massive libraries at each of his homes. Think Beauty and the Beast style with rows of the latest reads and cozy nooks by the fire. Who doesn’t love an limitless library in a castle by the sea?

Also, Conner was raised in a home of strong women; several sisters who taught him to respect their kind and treat them as full equals, not something always done in other places. He has such veneration for women, that he wouldn’t dare take a lady to bed who wasn’t his bride and, since he isn’t married, you know what that means! That means this debonaire Scotsman is the marrying kind.

Xoxo Kelsey







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