Sarah Fischer’s New Book Boyfriend

When we started the blog, we told you that we had our own books being published. We figured, it was about time to tell you a little about them.

Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester will be published in the Spring of 2017. The male protagonist of my story is twenty-six year old Professor David Berneli and ladies he has a British accent. David is from England and will only be at Elton Hall University for one school year. After that, he will be returning to his teaching post in England.

First, let me tell you a bit about his looks. In the mornings, his black wavy hair brushes his eyebrows. But let’s not underestimate the power of gel. He tries his best to tame the waves but every once in a while, a lock or two falls out of place. His green eyes are framed by thick dark glasses that he slides off and places in his shirt pocket before fixing you with a debonair stare. David’s button down shirts cling to his lean muscular frame and his dress slacks fall perfectly over his long legs. He stands over six feet tall and reminds our heroine of a Hercules…In fact, that’s what she calls him.

David was raised by his single mother who slaves away in her Italian Restaurant on the south end of London. He grew up cooking in her kitchen and has developed a passion for food that goes down to his soul. But his true love is literature. David worships the written word and appreciates others who share his obsession. His apartment is lined with books and his freezer is stuffed with ice cream.

He worked his way through college doing marketing for local bands. Over the years, he became quite successful but gave it all up to teach. While at Elton Hall, he is working with the entertainment team to help host their comedian show in the fall and their big concert in the spring. #hipsterhercules



12 thoughts on “Sarah Fischer’s New Book Boyfriend

  1. Miranda Bly says:

    *drool* I love a British accent, professors, and someone with a past in the music industry (similar to my own past). If I lick him, is he mine?


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