Who Needs a Boyfriend

One of the main reasons to read a romance is to find yourself a book boyfriend. If this is not your motivation, then you’re doing it wrong…or maybe you just like literature. Today, I am going to talk about some of the more famous book boyfriends and what I like, and don’t like, about them. But also I will draw your attention to some new men. Plus tomorrow, I will be introducing you to the male lead of my novel and Kelsey will follow suit on Sunday. Make sure you check it out.

For years I have been obsessed with Jane Austen, but obviously Fitzwilliam Darcy takes the cake. Initially, he was a jerk but at least he isn’t cruel. Mostly, he just says really rude things. I think this may be because he isn’t sure what to do with all of his feelings. When he finally settles them on Elizabeth, he goes out of his way for her. Wanting nothing other than to make Lizzie happy, he pays off Wickham so that he will marry Lydia. This is after rushing all over the countryside to try and find them. Yes, he did almost ruin Jane’s relationship, but he did that out of love for his friend. Can you really blame him for that? He admitted his mistake and fixed it. How many men actually do that? Also, did I mention that he is loaded? If you are looking for an outspoken, beautifully dressed, considerate man, then Darcy is for you. Just be prepared, he may say the wrong thing from time to time.


Edward Cullen is still breaking hearts left and right and I believe he deserves some attention. In my opinion, Edward is modeled after Darcy or at least he is in my head. While book Edward, because that’s who we’re discussing, is smooth and articulate, I was initially taken aback by how intrigued he was by Bella. It wasn’t her looks, remember in the book she was a plain Jane (sorry Kristen Stewart), it was that she was a mystery to him. In other words, it was the girl who kept her goods hidden that got his attention as opposed to the one showing it to the world. However, he is still creepy. Why is he sneaking into her bedroom at night? Listening to her sleep talk is not romantic and probably should not be a thing. I can forgive the creepy sleep watching when they are finally together but let’s be real, boundaries are not his thing. At the end of the day, he was willing to do anything to keep Bella out of harm…even if he may have been responsible for bringing it to her. I am totally TEAM EDWARD mostly because Jacob fell in love with their child so there is no point in being Team Jacob.  I think the thing to remember about Edward is that he is such a ferocious love maker that he breaks a bed. So, if absolute devotion, living forever, and a deep brooding stare are in your requirements for a man, then Edward is for you. Especially when you consider his stone cold abs.


Now the ever important, Ronald Bilius Weasley! I often think that Ron get’s looked over as a boyfriend, mostly because everyone is focused on Harry. But the truth is, he was a great boyfriend to Hermione. Plus, we are ignoring the fact that he wasn’t fair to Lavender by dating her while head over heels in love with someone else. Even before he and Hermione admitted that they have been in love with each other since he saved he from the troll, he was looking out for her. He stood up for her when Malfoy called her a Mudbl**d, he gave money to her ridiculous SPEW organization because it made her happy, or quiet…but still he didn’t need to especially since money was so tight with him. He was jealous of her and Krum at the Yule ball and he protected her whenever Harry was busy saving the wizarding world. When they were together, he went as far as giving her family their memories back when she couldn’t do it. Ron was a stud…even if J. K. Rowling said they would probably be divorced since he didn’t fulfill her the way that Harry could have. If you are looking for a kind soul (yes he has a soul) to support and protect you then Ron is the boyfriend for you. Just be prepared for the ultimate crazy mother in law.

Finally we have James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie  Fraser. Obviously, Kelsey and I talk a lot about him but I wouldn’t call us obsessed…Maybe she is! But he is fresh in our minds so we have to talk about it. Jamie, our second ginger with a soul, is not only filled with brawn but there is a brain in there amidst the muscles and the sword play. He loves fiercely and passionately but most importantly he is committed. Jamie spends how many nights in a brothel and has one tiny slip up…This is pretty impressive as women are throwing themselves at his feet. Ok, Claire gives him what he deserves that night and I say she was too kind. But they moved on, and he was back to the sexy lover we are all drooling over. It might be the accent, the abs, or the luscious curls but I can’t look away. However, if it bothers you that he is constantly getting into sword fights, being taken to jail, and rolling around with other men on the battle field, then maybe he isn’t for you.

That is it for our famous book boyfriends. Now, I’d like to introduce you to two more book boyfriends that I love. Joe Morelli and Ranger. A few years ago, One for the Money was a movie with Katherine Heigle but before that, it was a book by Janet Evanovich. Joe Morelli is a bad boy grown into a cop. He is known for his prowess in bed and his crazy grandmother. If she doesn’t like you, then she may give you the evil eye. What happens to you afterwards…only time will tell. His muscles are as big as some of the other parts and his smolder would give Flynn Rider a run for his money. You do have to worry about his job as he is frequently put in harms way but if a tough cop sets your heart and panties on fire then he is for you. Plus ladies he is the marrying kind.

200_s (4)

But, Ranger is fighting for our heroine’s heart. He is a bad to the bone Latin Lover! His muscles have muscles and his deep tan skin is smooth as silk. Ranger doesn’t do commitment but while in bed, he is devoted to you. Plus, he runs his own security firm that seems to have a never ending supply of cars for you to drive. For a spicy relationship with no strings, then Ranger is definitely for you.

So who is your pick? Who do you want as a boyfriend? Is there someone you think is worth mentioning? Comment below.




4 thoughts on “Who Needs a Boyfriend

  1. nykkimills says:

    *sigh* I loved you before, but when you mentioned Morelli and Ranger. That sealed the deal. I want to tuck you in a forever friend tote and take you everywhere with me! *sounds wayyy more creepy than I intended* LOL.
    But really, they never get the book-boyfriend recognition they deserve!


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