Wilde Thing

Sweet On You is the first book in The Wilde Sisters book series by Marianne Rice. I loved the premise of this book right away. I’m obsessed with cupcake wars so I wanted to know more abut this sexy baker!


Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Confectionery Romance (ok Contemporary Romance)

Rayne Wilde believes in Happily Ever After and is actively searching for her own. After being neglected as a child, she is eager to find a husband and have children. Rayne wants it to be simple! Find a man and just add water for an instant family. It almost doesn’t matter who he is…or at least she thought it didn’t matter.

Trent is a famous baker who may just have what it takes to make her family except for one little thing. He doesn’t do family! Trent, also recovering from a neglected family, is desperate to avoid starting a family at all costs. But he loses a bet and is forced to take health junkie Rayne’s Zumba class.

At first, Rayne thought Trent was gay because the only men who have gone to her class have played for the other team. When she finds out that he is straight, all bets are off. Rayne sets her sights on him and refuses to take no for an answer.

They begin a casual sexual relationship, all while Rayne has fallen in love with Trent. She believes that Trent loves her too but doesn’t want to admit it yet. Then something happens that neither saw coming. Trent and Rayne are now faced with new life decisions that they never imagined having to make. Will they do it together or split and move on?

Rayne is a fun character because there are so few books focusing on strong and healthy women. She runs her own fitness studio and teaches classes daily. But it’s more than just the physical. Now, Rice never comes out and says it but it seems that Rayne had and quite possibly still has, an eating disorder. At the very least, she has an unhealthy relationship with food and her body. She talks about overcoming this and being stronger but I don’t think she did. Then something happened, I won’t tell you what, but this change makes her realize that she doesn’t need the perfect figure or the perfect diet. Rayne seems to let this go and I thought that was very powerful.

On the more negative side, there were times when I wasn’t found of Trent. He seemed to be a little too hypo masculine. He kept telling himself not to think like a girl, or to buy tampons because he sounded like a girl. I wasn’t impressed with his attitude sometimes and he did a couple things that really irritated me. But, he turned it around at the end and seemed to accept that men actually have feelings. I guess it’s nice to see a male character who doesn’t fit the mold.

This book had a lot of heat through it but I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. The scenes were not too graphic and didn’t go into crude or specific details. However, there was still enough to please the average romance reader.

This is book one of a series and I would recommend checking it out. Overall, Rice wrote a good and quick read that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

And of course…




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