The Girl With Hearts

Just finished The Girl With Hearts, the first book in the Midtown Brotherhood series by Savannah Blevins. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint me at all! With the dual point of view and thought out characters, it was easy to be swept up in this book.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

First we meet Henrik, a professional hockey player with the hot Swedish genes to top off his devilishly charming, alpha male, personality. Next up is Leila. She’s getting over her cheating ex, a guy named Derik, by getting under Henrik, or at least trying to. Leila is the little sister of Henrik’s best friend, and teammate, Austin. And Henrik is sure that his younger brother, Drew, has the hots for her, and bros have a code. Because of this, Henrik isn’t all that interested in being her one night of revenge. Well, that lasts all of thirty seconds as he finds himself intoxicated by the forbidden beauty that’s been in his mind for years. It doesn’t hurt that her ex is his sworn enemy. As it ends up, Henrik swiping her v-card is exactly the kind of revenge that tastes the sweetest to Leila.


Leila’s a tough girl and I appreciated that she didn’t take shit and went for what she wanted. Some might call her ‘rude’ but I think she’s my kinda lady. She really gives self-proclaimed man-whore Henrik a run for his money, and possibly the stability he needs to get in line. But Henrik isn’t all bad. Sure, he rotates women like the rotisserie chickens at Boston Market, but he’s hilarious and honest to these girls that they shouldn’t expect more than a fling. Together they make an electric pair.

Everyone in their lives wants them apart. Even Leila wants to get away from the sultry hokey player, but not for the reasons you might think. Girl has a pretty big secret. The story was fast, gripping, and had a few twists that made it a little different than the usual romance novel scripts. It also takes place in my home state, which totally helped to draw me in! Overall, I really enjoyed this hilarious, and sexy, book and plan on reading, and reviewing, the second in the series, The Girl With Diamonds, very soon!


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