Hi everyone! We will be hosting a special giveaway today. As we said in our post yesterday, Nykki Mills is donating a electronic copy of her book, Sacrificed, to anyone who likes and replies to this post or our post on facebook. You get one entry for each like and one for each comment so you have four chances to win. Young adult paranormal romance not your thing? Well Mills is willing to gift you another ebook worth $3.99. Now, the question: What is the location of the best date you have ever been to?


We have recently added an email list to the blog. It’s on the left hand side. If you sign up, then you will be entered to win an amazon giftcard as well. Remember, it’s prime day today so the deals will be amazing! We will start the gift card at $5. For each person who adds their email, we will add $1 to the gift card total up to $50. If you share the link to our facebook page or the blog, you will get a second entry to the giftcard price.

Comment if you have any questions or message one of us privately! Thanks for the support you’ve all shown us so far and we hope to hold many more contests like this.

Love Sarah and Kelsey



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