Outlander Finale Feels

While Kelsey is the Outlander expert, I am also a huge fan though I haven’t finished the books so I didn’t know what would happen in the episode.

Now that we have all watched… and probably rewatched the finale of Season 2, it is time to do what we do best and talk about it. First, a quick recap.

So the episode starts off with Roger holding a funeral for his adoptive father, the reverend that helped Frank compile information about his ancestors. This is another time jump because now we are in 1968… which if you remember is when Geillis told Claire she traveled through the stone. Keep this in mind. Anyway, Claire and her daughter, Brianna, show their respects and then stay over at Roger’s house because they live in the states and are just visiting. Brianna and Roger become “friends” and they go through some of the old journals and notebooks that the reverend kept.

In one of the boxes, is a collection of paperwork from when Claire was stolen by the fairies. Brianna realizes that Claire was already pregnant when the fairies let her go so she comes to the heart wrenching realization that Frank is not her biological father. She is furious with her mother for lying over the years but Claire said it was because she promised Frank she wouldn’t ever tell Brianna… the cat is out of the bag.

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Since Brianna already knows, Claire tells her the whole story and naturally Brianna thinks her mother has flown the cuckoo’s nest. That is until she sees someone travel through the stones. And who is it that goes through the stones? Geillis! Her name is Jillian at the time and you find out that her and Dougal’s baby was allowed to be born. Roger is a direct descendant of that baby making Geillis his direct ancestor. Well, in this time, she is studying folklore to figure out a way through the stones. To make the spell work, she murdered her husband, who seemed to be a bit of a creepy drunk, in order to provide a human sacrifice.

Now that Brianna believes Claire, she tells her that Roger found a letter from the reverend that never made it to Frank. It states that Jamie survived the battle and execution. Now Claire must decide if she wants to go back to Jamie or stay with her daughter and new life.

Interspersed between this drama, is the short period of time leading up to the battle. Jamie and Claire decide the best thing to do is kill the Bonnie Prince so no one will follow him to his death. Well, Dougal hears their plan and is so heartbroken he can barely function. However, he manages to swing a sword but Jamie, with Claire’s help, gets the best of him and they are forced to kill him.

Time is running out, and before running off to save as many of his people as he can, Jamie insists on doing two things. He signs Lallybroch over to his nephew Jamie, and he takes Claire to the stones so she can have their new baby, yep she is pregnant again, and live on. Reluctantly, she steps through and that brings us full circle to episode one of season 2.

Ok, so that wasn’t very short. But there is so much to talk about. First thing, we have to do is talk about Brianna. I was so upset with the way Brianna treated Claire. She was harsh and cruel. Now, if she had a little bit of Black Jack Randall in her, then maybe it would be appropriate, but I didn’t like her reaction to finding out about Frank. Luckily, Geillis changed her mind.

But the most important part about Brianna is that she could hear the buzzing too and so could Roger. This means to me, correct me if you know something about time travel I don’t, that the two of them can also travel through the stones. This makes sense as both of them have ancestors who could, so why not them? Are they all going to travel through time? Frankly (like what I did there?), if I had the chance to travel through time, and a way to get back, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

giphy (1)

I was happy with her casting and her hair color didn’t look fake to me. To be honest, I think she resembled Jenny, so it worked out. Her acting was on par, maybe a little over dramatic, but she is 20 so I won’t hold that against her.

Next, Geillis! Well that was crazy. I was not prepared to see her and it completely took me by surprise. I love that this is the time period that they went back to and I love how they gave her purpose. She traveled back to change Scotland. While I never really questioned her relationship with Dougal, it makes even more sense now. They both had the same political ideals and goals for Scotland.

Speaking of Dougal, I was touched at how much he believed in the Bonnie Prince and the cause. You really see his motivation for everything but I agree with Murtagh when he said that he was surprised it took Jamie this long to kill him. Dougal, while a complex and entertaining character, was due to pass. He was a bully and a manipulative ass but at least he had something worth fighting for.

Next season has so many possibilities that my mind is spinning. What will happen if Claire goes back? Will she still be older? Can she actually go back or will it close her off? Is there a way to pinpoint the exact time you want to go back to? Why didn’t she dye the grey at the front of her hair because now she looks like Rogue from the X-men?

Will Brianna go with her? Will Roger accompany them, it’s only gentlemanly that he does. What will happen if Jamie meets his grown daughter and she is only a few years younger than him?

Are there feelings going on between Roger and Brianna? Does it weird them out that they’re kind of related?

What will happen to Lallybroch, Jenny, Ian, and their family? Did the giant potatoes help?

But I think the most important question is, Jamie said he couldn’t go through the stones yet he was watching Claire outside her bedroom back in the first episode? Did he try to find her? Why didn’t he talk to her? What if he is already in the current time? What if this entire thing is a figment of Frank’s imagination and he is in a mental ward?

Comment below your questions, theories, or ideas. We can’t wait to talk about everything going on with some fresh perspectives.

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