Cutting Up The Competition

I was going to leave some time between books in a series, but I just couldn’t wait. So, here’s a sneak pic of Cutting Up the Competition by Carissa Lynch, the second of the Horror High books. If you haven’t read the first, Cheerleading Can Be Murder, then don’t go forward as this contains spoilers.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Young Adult Thriller

Remember Amanda? If you don’t, then go back and read Cheerleading Can Be Murder. Well, she’s the protagonist of this book and we get her point of view as the remainder of the main friend group, Amanda, Sydney, and Dakota begin their sophomore year.

The girls all got threatening, robotic, calls throughout the summer that were reminiscent of the calls that happened before Ashleigh tried to kill Sydney. But, they brush it off as a copycat and try to put the thought behind them as they prepare for this years cheer tryouts.

There are two new students joining the mix; Jordan, an attractive junior who Amanda is immediately drawn to and Winter, his punky younger sister who just happens to be Andy’s exgirlfriend. As Dakota and Andy are still going strong, Dakota blacklists Winter from their inner circle. As Winter declares that she’s going to try out for the squad, it’s made even more clear that Sydney and Dakota are going to try and make Amanda pick sides.


On the day of the first practice, a butchered body is found in a bathroom, signaling the reintroduction of a murderer. But with Ashleigh behind bars, who is the killer? Is it the Sociopath back to finish what they started? Crazy Brittani who’s been given the green light to try out for the team? A true copycat? Or another, unseen danger? Clues in the beginning point to it being another fellow cheerleader.

The body count start piling up with the murderer sending their victims a cheer-themed note before every attack. The night before tryouts Amanda receives her own violent message. There are too many suspects, too many victims, and not enough police officers at Horror High.

It’s along the same vein as the first book, but with plenty of new twists to make Cutting Up The Competition a winner all its own. There are some old friends, new faces, drama (of both the teen and murder variety), and some good, old fashioned, slasher thrills.




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