The Two Towers

Ready for a dystopian romance with a splash of fantasy? Well, here’s The Two Towers by Jamie A. Waters, the first book in The Two Towers series


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction Romance

150 years after a world war destroyed the Earth, Kayla lives among the rubble, savaging the ruins for goods to sell for necessities. She works with a group of other survivors, scraping by. But, Kayla is a tough girl who hold her own. It’s a nice shift from the usual dystopian spiel where a man rides through the deserted wasteland with his trusty dog. Instead, we get beautiful, kickass, Kayla and her motorcycle.


Kayla is a “ruin rat” a, basically, free agent who teams up with other non-contractors for goods. On the other end of the spectrum we have Carl, an official trader, Kayla’s nemesis, and main competition for the dwindling supplies still left outside. He wants nothing more than to have the clever girl as a member of his scavenging team, but the official ruin traders have a bad reputation for ripping off Kayla and other ruin rats so she’s in no rush to stick around with him, even though the spark between them is undeniable.

One thing the pair has in common is the fact that neither is able to live in the OmniLab towers. The two towers were built before the war and allow several thousand select, and usually wealthy, people a world with security, food, and long lives away from the wreckage. The people within them pay a high price for memorabilia of the “outside”, which include items such as jewelry and dolls. Money is meaningless and “credits” are king.

Being a licensed Omnilab trader has given Carl some security, but it’s not enough when a hotheaded, and often violent, fellow Omnilab trader, Ramiro, comes for Kayla. To protect her, Carl convinces her, and her partner Veridian, to join his crew. But will that be enough to save Kayla from Ramiro? Are Carl’s intentions entirely pure?

The Two Towers is easy to follow and slightly different than the usual apocalyptic works. With some sexual heat, a plot for revenge, and a twist involving Kayla’s, possibly illustrious, past, there’s a lot going on in the shadows of the OmniLab towers.


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