Mar Sin Leat, Outlander

Tomorrow my favorite thing on television comes to an end. In fact, it’s part of my all-time favorite book series that I highly recommend. Yes, I’m talking about Outlander. Tomorrow we bid farewell to this masterful piece of Scottish-themed media and hello to a full year of kilt-less oblivion.


Depressed yet? Never fear, I will be updating with new Scottish romances and books (#HotScot) until Jamie and Claire come back to us.

To prepare us all for a tomorrows 90 minute season finale, here’s a fun little recap of everything that happened this season. Obviously, this has a ton of spoilers.


The season started with Claire emerging from a deep sleep, alone, beside the standing stones that originally took her to Jamie. But, now, she’s been taken to 1948 and learns that the Scottish were still defeated.

Frank, her first husband, is a sad-sight indeed. His missing wife turns up carrying another man’s child and can’t bear to look at him due to his uncanny resemblance to his ancestor Black Jack Randall. You can’t help but feel for the guy and wondering how Jack could be his relative especially when he decides to stay with her and raise the baby as his own.

But how did it come to this? Well, a pregnant Claire, a longhaired Jamie, and faithful Murtagh, have gone to France to stay with Jamie’s cousin Jared, a wine connoisseur. Jamie soon arranges a meeting with Prince Charles Stewart, the figurehead and leader of the Jacobite revolution. “Bonny Prince Charlie” just won’t listen to our handsome hero when Jamie tells him to stop his plans to seize the English throne. Luckily, Claire is ridiculously charming, when she wants to be, and gets herself an invitation to Versailles to meet with the king, Louis XV. She ends up getting close to the court and rocking some seriously killer outfits.


Around this time Jamie also hires a young pickpocket, he renames Fergus, as his spy in the whorehouse, where the Jacobite can often be found meeting. Fergus is a charming little orphan who usually spends his time stealing from the whorehouse patrons so him stealing the letters and messages from their coats isn’t that off for him.

Then an old face returns with bad news. The Duke of Sandringham, a secret Jacobite, tells Claire that Jack didn’t die at the prison, but is alive and well. She knows he will try and kill Jack so she keeps it from him to keep him from being hanged for murder.

To busy herself, Claire begins to spend her time at L’Hôpital des Anges, a charity hospital run by Mother Hildegarde, a much-loved character from the books. She finds Claire’s healing abilities to be impressive and puts her to work. But this causes problems with her marriage a she spends more time at the hospital than home. However, she’s not all at fault, as Jamie can be found in the whorehouse with the Jacobites until the early hours of the morning.

There’s also another reason why Jamie can’t kill Jack, besides the hanging part. Claire meets Mary Hawkins, someone she recognizes as Frank Randall’s ancestor. As Mary isn’t married yet, Claire feels it is her duty to keep Jack alive until Mary becomes pregnant with his child. When Claire finally reveals that Jack is alive, Jamie is awash with violent emotion that she hopes he won’t act on.


Someone else is out for revenge, as well. Almost immediately, upon arriving in France Claire makes a powerful enemy in the Comte St. Germain by pointing out a dangerous illness that has infected the crew of one of his ships and now it must be destroyed. Sucks to suck, Comte St. Germain.

Claire narrowly escapes being poisoned, something she suspects the Comte is behind. She goes to the local herbologist, Master Raymond for answers. Did I mention that Master Raymond is actually a prehistoric time traveler and one of Claire’s distant relations? Well, he is. To ensure her future safety against poisoning, he gives her a white stone that turns color when in contact with poison. He also starts the rumor that she is La Dame Blanche, The White Lady, a powerful witch.

This comforts Claire until she, Mary, and Murtagh are attacked on their way to a dinner party held by Jamie. Mary is then raped by the masked villains who dare not touch Claire; the woman some fear is a witch. The three flee back to Jared’s home where a misunderstanding causes Jack’s younger brother, the kind Alexander, to be arrested for raping Mary. It is soon cleared up, but has put a bad taste in the mouth of many. Murtagh, feeling he failed Claire, vows to bring her the head of the man responsible.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s plans to get some of Charles’ investors to abandon him have worked, but a new investor soon takes their place; the Comte St. Germain. Claire dislikes that Jamie and the Comte are being thrust together by Charles, but she is too busy trying to keep Alex and Mary away from each other. The pair have grown close and Claire is attempting to ensure Frank is born as Frank.

Speaking of Frank, Jack and Jamie accidentally meet in the gardens of Versailles. Jamie challenges him to a duel causing Claire to plead with Jamie to hold off his revenge for a year, something he begrudgingly agrees with. All the while, Murtagh is getting increasingly suspicious about how Claire is so knowledgeable of the future and Jamie tells him the truth of Claire’s past. Murtagh is skeptical, but decides to believe his lord and keep Claire’s secret.

Claire keeps Jamie busy by plotting to destroy the Comte. She concocts a mixture to fake smallpox in his latest crew, causing his newest shipment to also be destroyed. Things are starting to go up when Claire hears news that Jamie and Jack are in the midst of a duel, something that could get Jamie executed for, if he survives. Claire rushes to his side and, upon seeing Jamie deliver a powerful blow, begins bleeding. She hardly has time to process what she sees before the French guard comes to break up the duel and she loses consciousness.

Mother Hildegard could not save Claire’s baby and it seems like we might lose Claire as well to “childbed fever”. Luckily, Master Raymond sneaks into the hospital, using his knowledge, and magical powers, to heal her. As she regains her health, she is overwhelmed with grief from losing her daughter, a baby Mother Hildegarde named Faith. As she arrives home, she is a shell of her former self that is broken from her deep loss. And where the hell is Jamie while his daughter is being buried and his wife comes from deaths door?


Turns out that Jack is an even bigger asshole than we thought. A bigger one? You ask. How can that be? Child rape, dear readers. Plucky Fergus was pilfering a bottle of perfume for Claire at the whorehouse when Jack decided to do what he does best. Jamie, hearing Fergus cry out for him, immediately comes to his aid. So, it wasn’t Jamie breaking his promise to Claire that landed him in the Bastille, but his protective nature. Two for you, Jamie Fraser! You go, Jamie Fraser!

But, he’s still in chains and Claire has to save him again. She pleads with the king for his release, knowing what the price would be; her body. However, the king has a task in mind for her first. With her reputation as a “white witch”, someone who uses her powers for good, Louis sees her as the perfect judge of two doomed men; the Comte St. Germain and darling Master Raymond. The king wants to know who is a practicing sorcerer.

She offers a trial by poison; whoever doesn’t die from the mixture has a pure heart. Claire mixes the same concoction she uses to fake the smallpox in the Comte’s ship in order to save both men. Master Raymond, however, knows one must die to sate the king and discretely slips true poison into the cup, something that is made clear when Claire’s necklace turns black. Satisfied upon the Comte’s demise, the king dismisses Master Raymond and takes Claire into the bedroom. It goes on like a transaction; penis goes in, Jamie goes free.

The pair is torn by emotion but decide that grieving together is better than living apart. Claire takes Jamie to visit Faith’s grave before the couple leaves for Scotland.


Going home to Lallybroch is bittersweet without the baby everyone was excited for. The return is made even more terrible when they find out that Charles has landed in Scotland to take the English throne and Jamie’s signature has been forged on a document that says he is in full support of Charles’ claim. Frightened, Claire begs to flee the country, but Jamie says he must stay and try to save his home, even if it means fighting for the Jacobites. This is when the sweetest scene in this area of the show takes place. Late at night Jamie takes Jenny’s newest baby to sooth, whispering Gaelic nothings, saying all the things he never got to say to his own daughter.

In order to stand a better chance in winning for Charles, Jamie goes to his grandfather, Lord Lovat, for support. And, whom do we see? Colum Mackenzie and his brother Dougal. Who else has come for a visit to Lord Lovat? Laoghaire, the terrible whore that almost had Claire burned as a witch. Obviously the pair doesn’t kiss and make up.

So, Lord Lovat is also a douche. He, and Colum, aren’t all that into supporting Charles since France isn’t 100% backing up his claims. Although, Lovat does offer his support in return for Lallybroch, or a night with Claire. Obviously Jamie shuts that down fast and tells grandpa that Claire is La Dame Blanche. It seems like Master Raymond’s rumors have reached Scotland and Lovat takes back his offer.

Claire, the cunning lady that she is, comes up with a plan and, by means of a distraction, meets Lovat’s seer, a woman named Maisri who was just in a fight with Lovat. Maisri reveals to Claire that she saw a vision of an executioner standing behind Lovat, alluding to a traitor’s death.

Just as Jamie prepares to sign away Lallybroch, Claire enters dramatically, “seeing” a vision she needs to share with Lovat. She repeats the vision shared with her by Maisri, but adds a little tidbit of her own; a floor of white roses beneath him. As white roses are the symbol of the Jacobites, Lovat now fears that he will be killed if he does not join Jamie. So, a new deal is forged; Lovat will give Jamie men and agrees to neutrality with Colum.


As the war approaches Claire, obviously, refuses to return to the safety of Lallybroch. Luckily there are lots of familiar faces from season one that we all love; Angus and Rupert. However, preparing for battle has reminded Claire of all the things she saw in war back in her own time; the killing of men she helped and her own brush with death. It’s giving her some posttraumatic stress disorder that Jamie tries to help her overcome.

As Claire already knew, the Jacobites win the first battle against the English. This is, in part, thanks to Dougal who gets trapped in the muddy field, showing both sides that it wasn’t good for fighting. Lucky, a fighter that’s familiar with the area, tells Jamie about a secret path, giving them the break they need to sneak up on the English in the dead of night.


Claire is in her makeshift hospital ward, of course, and one of the first people back from the fight is little Fergus. He was commanded to stay away from the battle so, obviously, he went anyway and ended up killing a man. Claire comforts him, but quickly is made busy as the wounded arrive. Unfortunately, poor Angus is lost, dampening Claire even further. But, she has patients to care for; both Scottish and British. Dougal doesn’t take her assistance of their foes well but he is a good warrior so Jamie insists he stays, despite Charles demanding he leave.

Now that the first battle has been won, there’s a long road to London, Charles’ ultimate destination. As the months go on, money is getting low, as is morale. Jamie, hoping that taking the army to London will change their ultimate fate at Cullodun. To the rest of the Scottish leaders who don’t have a time traveling wife, it looks like a bad investment for their troops. BTW the second sweetest, most adorable scene occurs. Jamie prays in Gaelic over Claire as she sleeps, vowing to protect her and all that come from their union. It’s reminiscent of their wedding vows.


In preparation for the upcoming campaign, some of the men go to Inverness to get supplies. They left at a bad time since the British show up and screw up the Scottish’s day. Claire, Jamie, Dougal, Murtagh, Fergus, and Rupert escape with only poor Rupert getting a musket ball to the eye. But, don’t fret, the group hides out in a church and Rupert gets to live in peace. That is until the redcoats show up.

Thinking fast to save all the Scotsmen, Claire screams out that she is a British captive and need a big, strong, redcoat to rescue her. Dougal makes the bargain; the British take Claire and the Scottish go free. Jamie doesn’t see another choice, but assumed the British will take her to the nearest British outpost and vows to come to her. Too bad for them that the soldiers change the plans. However, Claire catches a lucky break when she spies a mute friend of Jamie’s, Munro, and tells him to signal to Jamie her true destination.

That true destination? The Duke of Sandringham’s house! He gives her the use of his messenger and she even finds out that Mary is his goddaughter! Poor girl cannot catch a break. She’s set to marry and old gross dude, but more on that later. So, there’s a valet skulking about with an odd birthmark on his hand. Claire instantly recognizes him as one of the men who attacked her, Mary, and Murtagh in Paris. She calls him out but Sandringham is basically like, “look, lady, I owed the Comte a debt and he wanted you dead. I met him in the middle with a violent rape but they did it to Mary instead of you. My bad. BTW the messenger thing was a trap. I told the crown that Jamie was coming Lol.”


Claire knows she has to get out and plans to sneak out the back door. On the way out, Mary begs to leave with her but doesn’t have the balls to follow through. Once Claire gets downstairs, surprise, Sandringham is having a midnight snack, pausing her escape. And who causes some good commotion and distraction while Monro snipes some of the guards? Mary! She ends up being a lot braver than we all expect.

Murtagh and Jamie bust in and a fight ensues. Mary actually stabs the rapist/valet, getting her vengeance upon his death. Murtagh slices off Sandringham’s head and gives it to Mary and Claire, making up for his “failure” to protect them in Paris. Heartwarming stuff.

A few months later we’re back in the battlefield with Jamie trying to convince Charles to stay away from Cullodun. Obviously Charles still doesn’t see that Jamie is the smartest person he’s got, and decides to push on through. Meanwhile, Claire bumps into Mary at the market. Their meeting is a lot less pleasant than before as Mary sees Claire as the reason she and Alex were torn apart because, well, she is. Claire, seeing that she can’t change everything, offers her apologies to Mary and tells her she can help Alex, who is gravely ill.

However, Alex is screwed. Claire looks at him and does the “make him comfortable” spiel that never means the patient will pull through. Something else distasteful happens; Jack is back! He literally seems unkillable and begs Claire to save his brother for the sake of Mary’s unborn child. Yes, Mary and Alex have done the dirty. So, Claire strikes a deal with Jack; her medical expertise for some tasty tidbits about the English’s locations.

Then guess who shows; Colum. Colum’s dying and begs Claire for something to end his pain. He tells her that Gellis was pregnant with Dougal’s baby and was allowed to deliver before she was burned as a witch. The boy was sent to the Mackenzie family to be raised as their own. Dougal doesn’t know a thing about it and, when he shows up to pay his respects, Claire doesn’t fill him in. Colum and Dougal don’t get along. Colum appoints his son (actually Dougal’s bio-child) as the clan heir and Jamie as his guardian.


As Claire deals with Alex, it’s clear to her that he’s dying faster than expected. She puts the pieces together that if Mary marries Jack, then Frank’s furture will be safe. But Jack is being difficult…shocker. Murtagh offers to wed her, himself, but Claire knows that Mary and Jack marrying is the only option.

Claire tells Jack to stop being a douche and, for once, he listens. Mary and Jack tie the knot with Alex wheezing away in the background. Jack beats Alex to death to hasten his painful demise which is weird, but helpful, I guess?

Using Jack’s tips, the Jacobites plan to attack the British in the dead of night. But, as always, Charlie fucks it up. He gets “lost” in the dark and leaves Jamie to sort it out. Jamie knows that he would be leading his men to their death without Charlie’s backups, so he regretfully retreats.

So, to sum it up, Jack’s an asshole, Claire lost the baby, the Jacobites are screwed, Fergus is adorable, Colum is dead, Mary is pregnant, Frank gets to be born, and Jamie is still the epitome of brave perfection.

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One thought on “Mar Sin Leat, Outlander

  1. Anne says:

    My favorite series EVER!!!!!!! Season 2 finale, a real tear jerker, went through many, many tissues. I’ve seen the episode three times since its airing last Sat. I’ve also watched season 1 episodes multiple times. Can’t wait ’til season 3. Thank you Starz for such a lovely, sensitive series. Thanks for the summation above.


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