Cheerleading Can Be Murder

I’m getting seriously lucky with awesome books this week! As much as I hold perfect scores close, this also deserves six Glass Slippers. I was wary about veering off my usual path of contemporary adult romances to review a young adult thriller, but I wasn’t disappointed. Cheerleading Can Be Murder is the first book in Carissa Ann Lynch’s Horror High Series


Heat Level: ♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Young Adult thriller

Dakota is a Harrow High freshman that longs to join the cheer squad. But, she has some fierce competition; Amanda- her quirky new neighbor, Sydney- her long-time friend, Genevieve- her exboyfriend’s newest squeeze, Brittani- the principal’s daughter, Ashleigh- the tag along who has never made the team, Monika- a girl merely described as ‘awkward’, Mariella- Genevieve’s best friend, and The Triple Ts- a band of mean girls named Tasha, Tally, and Teresa who run the school, and the squad.


Things start to go wrong for Dakota as cheer tryouts approach. Brittani drops Teresa, causing the third member of The Triple Ts to drop out of the squad. Brittani tells Dakota that she did it for her. Dakota wants to come clean to everyone about Brittani’s actions, but knows she doesn’t have any proof. Dakota’s friends also leave her; Sydney, in favor of the popular crowd, and Amanda, who believes Dakota ratted her out about her midnight meetings with a boy. Luckily, a new boy named Andy, Dakota’s history project partner, is there as a shoulder to cry on.

But, just as things are turning around for Dakota, everything goes terribly wrong. Her life becomes discombobulated and someone called The Sociopath begins to creep around the halls of the upscale high school, stirring up trouble in some seriously vile ways. With the Sociopath’s identity firmly in the shadows, every member of the Harrow High cheer team could be in grave danger.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder had mystery, drama, a splash of puppy love, and a twisting cliffhanger of an ending to round it all out. I highly recommend it as an awesome summer read and look forward to reading the next in the series; Cutting Up the Competition.

Xoxo Kelsey


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