Next up is Firebird by Jennifer Loring, book one of The Firebird Trilogy. Call me a “puck bunny” but I am fan-girling over this book and I know you will, too. Seriously, go on Amazon and download a copy. I pinky promise that you won’t be disappointed.


Heat: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Stephanie just wants to be respected in the man’s world of sports news. She’s forced to show a tough exterior to her co-workers, who call her a “puck bunny”, but she’s secretly a romantic at heart. When her boss assigns her to do a story on the hottest bad boy in hockey, Stephanie is in for a ride.

Stephanie and Aleksandr  have a painful history. They met in high school when “Alex” came as an exchange student from Russia and bonded over hockey. They parted when he returned to his homeland to start a professional hockey career. But they never forgot their long-lost loves. In fact, tall dark and handsome Alex hasn’t taken off a sterling silver ring, with “I love you” written in it, since Stephanie gave it to him. Did I mention he has her name tattooed on him in Russian? Seriously, I want Aleksandr to whisper sweet Russian nothings in my ear.


Sparks fly when the two begin to met up for “work”, straining Stephanie’s relationship with her fiancé, Joe. She finds herself drawn to the Russian bad boy who captured her heart and, when he asks her to be with him again, she’s confused by her guilt over “comfortable” Joe. But, she and Joe aren’t truly compatible. He wants a housewife to obey while Stephanie wants to be a hard-hitting sports journalist who makes her own rules.

Alex and Stephanie’s relationship is put to the test in major ways. Hooking up with an athlete could ruin her sports news career. She’s engaged to Joe. Ghosts from her childhood haunt her and threaten to have her push away the man that truly loves her for everything she is. He may have to end his hokey career. She and Alex have been apart for eight years… It’s the perfect mix of tension and romance you’d want in a book.

While reading Firebird you’re begging for Alex and Stephanie to make it work. Literally begging. Alex is the perfect hottie with a hard exterior that only she can crack while Stephanie is closed off and sexually repressed by her vanilla fiancé until Alex ignites a fire within her. The dual POV gives a refreshing look into Alex’s perspective, as well, showing that sometimes it isn’t always the women that are heartsick and lonely. The story is gripping, hot, emotional, and, thank the gods, part of a series.

Xoxo Kelsey


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