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Elves, Demons, and Faeries Oh Crap!

Heir to the Sun is a fantasy romance novel that I wish never ended.

Provost 1


Heat: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Dark Fantasy

In this story, Alluria, a fairy priestess, and Caol’nir, a faery warrior sworn to keep her safe and chaste, have fallen madly in love. She brakes her vows to her God and the two are soon bound to each other. But something in the temple is wrong. One of the other priestesses was murdered by a demon. Caol’nir, desperate to find out who did it, follows the King on a clandestine mission. He realizes that the King is working with a demon.

Through further investigation, he discovers that the faeries in other parts of the realms were held hostage by their King in order to force demons on them. The King is hoping to raise a half demon, half fairy army in order to conquer the realm. But the faeries have decided it’s time to resist. Asherah decides it’s time to fight back. She and her friends brake out of the jail holding them and begin burning down every jail they come to on their way to meet with the Elvin King to beg for his assistance. He agrees, and along the way, he chooses Asherah to be his forever mate. Yes, this does sound like it’s just about sex, but in this world, it’s another way to say bound to each other.But she isn’t sure she can trust him after being a victim for so long, Asherah is unsure how to just be a woman.

While preparations for war are made, Caol’nir finds out something even more frightening than he ever imagined. In order to get the demons to help build the King’s army, he promised the head of the demons a woman. But not just any woman. Any woman directly descended from the Gods with beauty and magic beyond compare. However… she sits a little too close to home for Caol’nir. The fight becomes personal as he fights for more than just the realm… his own future.

Can the faeries be saved? Is the King’s mixed race too much for everyone to take on? Will Caol’nir have to sacrifice the only thing he cares about.

Now, the first thing I have to say about this book is that I loved it! But it took me a couple chapters to get there. When reading this book, you need to be patient. Provost had a whole world to set up and it takes a minute. However, it is worth the wait because this is one of the best fantasies I have picked up in a long time.

Heat wise, I give Provost a lot of credit. Asherah had been raped by multiple demons for years and the stress of it took its tole. The Elvin King took his time and understood what she needed. He didn’t force her past her fears but waited for her to come to him. When they finally come together, it is a beautiful scene. Anyone who has ever suffered a trauma, would appreciate this scene.

The names were a little confusing at first. Some of them were a little close together but I figured it out.

My favorite character was the Elvin King. He was funny and took care of his son…even when he was cock blocking and insisted on sharing a bed with him and Asherah. As of yesterday, he was definitely my Man Crush Monday.

Give this book a chance and you will definitely reread the book multiple times. #HotElves


xoxo Sarah


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