My Broken Soldier

Here is the second book in Alison Mello’s series, Love Conquers Life; My Broken Soldier. It’s way more action-packed and dramatic than the first in the series, making it a crowd-pleaser. If you haven’t read Saved By a Soldier, please don’t read forward, as there are a ton of spoilers!

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Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

As the book starts, the pair is basically living together, but Carter hasn’t stopped being the sweet romantic we’ve come to know. Without fail, he brings Patty some flowers every time they go out on a date, something that’s always a winner when it comes to the heart. But, it’s not all romance. Patty and Carter get down and dirty in some seriously steamy ways. Patty is also helping Carter fight off the PTSD he battles daily, giving him the strength to face such triggers as loud noises and crowds without completely melting down.

At a charity function their relationship is put to the test when Patty sees Carter kissing a mystery blonde. But, there’s a chance it isn’t his fault. The make out session might have been the doing of Patty’s ridiculous mother, Sandra, and Patty’s exboyfriend, major-league douche, Ben. It’s high school stuff but, as many of us know, some people never grow out of it. As soon as Carter is, potentially, out of the picture, Sandra immediately tries pushing Ben, King of the Assholes, back into Patty’s life. Luckily, not everyone in Patty’s life is a terrible person. Her dad and best friend, Bella, implore her to hear Carter out and get his side of the story.

Carter is struggling with Patty out of his life; his PTSD night terrors are in full effect without her calming presence. He silences the demons with alcohol and everyone that knows him sees that he’s in a downward spiral.

As the fears for Carter’s safety roll in, Patty’s starts to get worried about Carter and wonder if her mother really did set him up for failure. And she should be worried; Carter is on the fast track to self-destruction, which triggers his PTSD in a major way. Due to his misplaced anger and constant lashing out at Patty, he risks losing her for good, even though this couple needs to be together.

I don’t want to ruin the ending, but with the twists, turns, Ben’s dramatic reintroduction into Patty’s life, and highlighted disorder that affect many people, My Broken Soldier is an emotional must-read. The third book in the Forever My Soldier is coming out soon and, considering the crazy cliffhanger Mello left us with, I know it’s on the top of my reading list!

Xoxo Kelsey


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