Two Blondes Don’t Make a Right, but Can They Write?

Many years ago before marriage, babies, and romance writing, Sarah and I, Kelsey McKnight, became sorority sisters. Over the years we bonded over a mutual love of brunch, animal print, Disney movies, and reading.

Recently, we embarked on a journey together to become published authors. Our writing styles are different, but our goals are the same; to bring some kick-ass, toe curling, sigh inducing romance to the world. I have done so in my historical romance Queen of Emeralds while Sarah has created a college-drama titled Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester.  Both series are set to be printed by Limitless Publishing in 2017.

A bit about me? I’m a self-proclaimed trophy wife who loves reading, writing, Cuban coffee, and horror movies. My obsession with reading came early, from the help of my mother. I could never get the woman to buy the biggest box of sugared cereal, but she could always be counted on to purchase me a new book. Other kids would be grounded from playing video games but, when I was in trouble, my parents would hide the flashlights so I couldn’t stay up late reading. Tortuous.

Not much has changed, as I’ve continued to devour books late into the night with historical romances and apocalyptic thrillers being on the top of my list. My favorite series? Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. If fact, I was so torn up when I finished the last book in the series, I was inspired to write Queen of Emeralds to fill the gaping wound that only a Hot Scot could fill. If you haven’t read it, then get on Amazon and order the set.

While Sarah and I are waiting for our books to hit the shelves, we’ve decided to review some of our favorite pieces, and introduce you lovely followers to them. While Sarah had originally started writing these witty reviews, we have decided to join forces to be able to give you two distinct voices. Read, comment, and follow us on twitter because sometimes we can be amusing.


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