Saved By a Soldier

Let me introduce you to a sassy little series, Love Conquers Life, by Alison Mello.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The first book, Saved by a Soldier, follows two very different people with very similar desires. You meet Patty, the emotionally wounded writer who has hit the big league with a number of best selling novels. Her co-star is a combat veteran named Carter who is tasked with keeping her safe as they both stay out in their families’ respective beach houses.

Be warned, this book has plenty of hot sex scenes that may not be for the beginning romance reader. Although the dual POV does give you a rarely seen look at what the muscular hero is thinking as he explores her body time, and time, again. It’s an easy summer read with more sexual tension than story tension, which is great for getting your blood pumping for all the right reasons.

Carter expects a snotty brat, like Patty’s money-grubbing mother, but is pleasantly surprised when the girl he’s been assigned to protect is beautiful, smart, and gives him something to fantasize about. The two finally meet at a fundraiser where Patty’s ex, the abusive but wealthy Ben, tried to get physical with our heroine. Carter steps into his role as protector and the two quickly turn into an item as Carter fights off the PTSD demons that followed him from the field. But night terrors are easily fixed with the calming presence of Patty, who vows to help him overcome his PTSD.

The storyline is sweet, very easy to follow, and has the deep heat you’d want for a light summer read. Carter is a generous lover who makes sure his lady always comes first.

By the end of book one, lust is turning into love as the two really get to know each other.

Already craving for hot soldier action? Book two, My Broken Soldier, which has major drama and more steamy scenes, is already out and ready to be read. Stay tuned for the next review!

Bonus! Saved By a Soldier is now free, for a limited time!

Xoxo Kelsey


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