The Virgin Always Get’s It

For today’s post, I decided to review a paranormal young adult novel. Don’t worry though, there was plenty of romance to keep me captivated.


Heat Level: 

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Paranormal Ya

Recently, the ya, young adult, genre has been taking over book clubs all over the world. What draws people to the most awkward period of life, I’ll never know. But for some reason, I cant look away either.

In Sacrificed  by Nykki Mills, Kass is a sixteen year old girl who by literature standards, is pretty normal. She has two loving adoptive parents, lots of superficial friends, and a horny boyfriend. However, she doesn’t really feel fear. That is until some very creepy things start happening.

The spirit of a dirty little girl begins appearing and of course, only Kass can see her. Most of her “friends” think she has gone crazy and her boyfriend keeps sneaking off places. The only one who believes her is the misunderstood boy next door, Ian. He happens to be in a band drive a motorcycle and has luscious lips. At sixteen, I would have sought out his help too!

They begin searching for reasons to explain the strange voices, sounds, and visions that Kass is soon plagued by. Turns out, they all go back to her biological mother. Soon, Kass is kidnapped, Ian is in chains, and there is a ritual being performed that involves a demon. I won’t go into further details so I don’t write any spoilers but it is very intense and ends in fire.

There were a lot of things that I liked about this book, number one being I couldn’t put it down. The pacing was fantastic, maybe a little quick but I thought it worked for the book. Normally, I don’t read a lot of paranormal because the characters tend to visit me in my sleep which causes a whole list of problems that typically involve a Disney marathon at three in the morning. But I really didn’t feel like this was over the top. Yes, the spirit of the little girl was crazy! I expected her to star in my dreams but the way Mills closed the story, there was enough resolution that I was no longer terrified of the monsters that go bump in the night because of the way the characters handled them.

Another thing that I liked was that the teenagers did not expect to conquer the world. A lot of ya books have teens doing crazy things but everything they had to do was believable. Kass was not expected to walk a tight rope over New York City while shooting at an advancing army. She was a relatable character. Plus, Mills even has a line where the teenagers realize they are in over their heads.

Now, this book was with teenagers so there was no real sex going on. There was a scene where it came very close, but luckily a demon handled things. Which of course is good because he didn’t have a condom… I thought the relationships that Mills set up were age appropriate but still effective in creating compelling drama. There were one or two moments of predictability in the relationships but overall they were great.

The general plot of this book was intriguing and it left me guessing constantly. This was a quick and easy read but I don’t think it is just for teenagers. Mom and daughter could share this book easily. Word to the wise, this book was a little mild on the paranormal activity until almost the very end. I preferred that as paranormal is still new to me but other people may not.

Check out Nykki’s blog and she is doing a giveaway. Click here


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