Me, Myself, and My Bookgasms

When I was fourteen my mom stopped buying me books because I read them too fast and she didn’t think that they were worth the investment. So I would save my babysitting money and manipulate my dad in order to feed my addiction. One day, I was perusing a clearance section and I found a pretty cover. Let’s be real, we all look for pretty covers no matter what we were taught.


See? Very pretty! When I read the back, it told the story of a woman whose twin sister was murdered and she is now working as a pick pocket to try to support herself but before the “accident” she was a princess. Now she meets a man seeking revenge while still hiding from the other man looking to finish her off. I am a twin so I was naturally drawn to it and bought it almost instantly. But, I wasn’t prepared for what would come.

This book held the first real sex scene that I had ever read. Hell, it held the first description of a naked man outside the horrors of health class! I didn’t even fully understand some of the things he was doing to her. However, I loved it.

I reread that book time and time again but always in secret. Sure, my mother had given me the sex talk and, just in case it didn’t sink in, she had Dr. Phil give it to me too. (If you haven’t seen the rainbow party/ blow job episode then you should consider yourself lucky. No one wants Dr. Phil to explain those things!) But my mom made a big deal about sex being between a set of partners who were married and in love. So here I was, hiding under my covers reading about people going to town without a wedding. To top it off, Kestrel isn’t sure if she loves St Bride.

Well, I’ve since realized I had nothing to be ashamed about. Now I devour romance books and I obsess over different series. I admire the art of a good sex scene and swoon over leading men (and sometimes the villains). In fact, in 2017, my first romance novel will be published by Limitless Publishing.

In the mean time, I’m going to be providing an end to the book hole that comes when your favorite series ends and the author your worship hasn’t come out with a new book. I’m going to go into detail about what I like and don’t like, obviously, but also we’re going to talk about the sex scenes. Does it make your toes curl up? Do you need to take a cold shower afterwards? Does it make you want to jump your significant other? Does it leave you questioning if there was consent or questioning what actually happened?

Thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to comment, send emails, post on my facebook or twitter, or complain dramatically about what I said. I encourage a good lively debate because reading is very subjective. If you are an author and would like a review, feel free to contact me!

Ps You should check out My Wicked Enchantress by Meagan McKinney.


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